2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)


Saw umbig11’s post calling a “big-time 4*” but couldn’t find any prediction from mattd.


I’ve heard rumblings of Johns on Scout, not not from any of the major verified people.


mattd throughout those forums isnt hesitant to post his thoughts that Nance will land sooner than later. I believe he even said as much in one of his recent EndlessMotor posts. I think Mattd and umbig11 are in different discussions but arriving at the same place


Yeah, it wasn’t really a prediction from Matt. He just a made a post or two over the past couple days assuming that Nance will be dropping soon.


umbig11 is now flat-out stating that it’s Johns, that he’s informed the staff, and that the official announcement should come soon.


Beautiful. That’s way more exciting than Nance. First real head-to-head win recruiting win vs. MSU in a long time. :slight_smile:


Livers was a recruiting win vs Sparty.


I believe we will be out of schollies by the time Hunter makes a decision. I think either Locke or Tyson jump on the train and then JB saves one for Iggy.


I would hope it’d be down to one of Iggy or Hunter. I’d prefer the latter, but wouldn’t be disappointed with the former. Bird in hand re: those two IMO. But honestly, I’d hold off on Tyson if we looked good with both Iggy and Hunter


That obviously doesnt count.


Based on MSU’s board (i.e. Jaren Jackson), I don’t think that Livers would have been able to commit if he wanted to.


Pretty sure we need a 2 after Johns and Nance commit this weekend, hence Locke or Tyson. Iggy and Hunter really don’t fit the 2 role, which is why we take Locke or Tyson first and wait on Iggy.


I very much enjoy having this problem over scrambling to get an unranked 2 star with a month left.


I think Hunter is capable of playing the 2 down the road. And I’d rather roll the dice with having only X, Brooks, Poole and Dejulius in the backcourt vs taking Tyson over Hunter or Iggy. Haven’t watched enough of Locke to say if I’d take him over those guys.

And don’t know why we’d wait on just Iggy. Hunter is just as good, if not better IMO. And both are 3/4 right now.


Hunter and Iggy are both worth waiting for, IMO. Even if it is at the expense of one of Nance or Johns, depending on who doesn’t commit first. Probably won’t play out that way though


Purely as a 2, Id take Tyson or Locke all day every day. If we can lock up Johns and Iggy, especially if we get Nance too, Hunter is out. I like him, but hes far from cant miss and a ways away from being a 2 to mess with roster balance.


Well, Livers committed to Michigan 39 days before Jackson committed to MSU, and MSU then went out and signed another PF in Xavier Tillman 15 days after the Jackson commitment, so I’m not sure I’d put a lot of stock in that position.


Tillman and Jackson were both heavy MSU leans for most of the process (in particular Tillman), both of which were rated higher than Livers.

Take from that what you will, lol.


Hunter has a higher ceiling than all of them and his floor is higher than most of theirs as well IMO. If you absolutely needed a pure 2, then yes, Tyson and Locke are superior in that regard. But recruiting isn’t done in a vacuum like that. I’d rather take all three of Johns, Iggy and Hunter and sort it out later than take Tyson over one of those three. I can understand taking Nance right now because we absolutely need a 4, even if he’s got some development to do.


Agreed all day. My position.