2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)


Hard to see the offer as non-committable if it was made only 2 weeks before Livers committed to us. Also Jackson to MSU was not a sure thing until after Livers committed to us. Many people and sites had him pegged for Maryland at that time.


Yeah, he just needs to take the L on this one. Izzo would have taken Livers.


That’s not accurate on Jackson. Most everyone had him going to Maryland. Only after he had a bad visit to Maryland did MSU become a serious option, and that was after Livers has made his choice.
MSU wanted and offered Livers but Beilein had already built too strong a relationship for Izzo to overcome.


Much less, he has given scholarships to Tom Kithier and Gabe Brown. I doubt he gives a damn about rankings much like most coaches outside of Urban Meyer and Cal.


I get that, but it seems like it would be hard for MSU to turn down mr. Basketball.


So you’d bypass the Class of '19? Fill all 5 scholarship slots with FR in the Class of '18 and Beilein needs to do some roster gymnastics to fit Currie in for '19 and no way he allows his staff to continue over-filling beyond that.

So if you like Weems or Watts (and think UM has even a punchers chance at one of them) then Michigan can only bring in 4 FR in the Class of '18.

caveat being FR; if Wagner leaves after this season UM could go the GradTransfer route and still have that scholarship slot open for '19


McGary for one.
In the Class of '14 Chatman didn’t commit until October, I seem to remember us chasing him for a while?
Simpson had seemingly eliminated UM from his list in the Summer of '15 before making a 180 in September (although this was partially due to Beilein getting negative feedback from other PG targets)

But your sentiment is correct, long drawn out recruiting battles in hoops usually means the recruit is waiting on a better offer or a specific dream school to offer


There will be attrition. You’ll get 2 or 3 in '19


We need a shooter in this class badly. Need either Tyson or Locke. If Hunter waits himself out of a spot, so be it, especially if we get Iggy too.


I would agree if shooting was considered a major weakness of Johns, Iggy or Hunter. But they’re all at least solid shooters. Locke is one of the best shooters in the class but I don’t think Tyson is significantly better enough to take him over the others.

Plus, with Brooks, Poole, Livers and DeJulius, we’ve got shooting pretty covered.


I would consider Johns a long recruitment so sounds like we may “finally” have won one


Something to watch re: Jerome Hunter… Cole Swider is expected to decide between Xavier and Duke shortly. (Obviously a bit off the mark here as he picked Villanova :slight_smile: )


That will be interesting to see. Is OSU a real player here or are they just too late to the game in your opinion?


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I don’t think they were a huge threat originally, but the new staff could change that. If I was hired and told to build a wall around the state… I’d probably work my ass off to get in the mix with a guy like Hunter down the street. Believe Holtmann also offered him at Butler.

The fact that he waited to announce his list until Indiana offered (over the weekend at team camp) also seems notable. Hoosiers really wanted Johns (and now have offered Hunter, Bazley in the last couple of days).


Funny enough he chose Nova so no bearing (at least directly) on this recruitment


Swider committed to Villanova


Sounds like Jerome Hunter is on a visit today at UM. Have to think they’d push for a pre-July period commit if they are going to use their official now. (I was under the impression that only Official visits are allowed in July)



Feel like Hunter’s recruitment is going to end within the next couple weeks with a commit to the good guys or he will be going elsewhere.


That’s pretty big imo