2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)

very interesting.

It is hard to make comparisons, especially for a kid in high school, but from the 3 or so minutes of film I just watched of him, Hunter reminds me of Otto Porter.

Sounds like he’s just starting to tap into his potential. Great length at 6-7 and just starting to scratch the surface as far as his game goes. Probably projects to the combo forward at U-M. Seems like a good type of player to get in on ahead of the curve.

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I like his length and his shooting looks pretty good. Not to mention the athleticism. I wonder how this is set up. Is he a 3/4 and if he committed what recruit is it bad luck for.

Still pretty early, but it’s clear that they like him at the combo forward spot more than someone like Easley (don’t think that one is happening and don’t really think it should after watching him).

Favorite offer in 2018 so far. He’s gonna be way better than his current ranking. The highlights don’t show much of his ballhandling, but if that ends up being good I like a Tayshaun Prince comparison. Looks long, great touch, and has that Tayshaun thing where he’s not the quickest guy in the world but still plenty athletic.

More film?

Looks like a more athletic version of Kam.


Hunter checks in at #108 in Rivals updated rankings

What is your take on Hunter? It is obvious that you like him more than Johns. How well would he translate at Michigan IYO?

I’ve only seen Hunter for a single half in live action, so take my opinion with a heavy grain of salt, but he appears to be a 3/4 combo that can stretch the D with his shooting while having the motor and physicality to rebound and defend. Can’t really speak on his handle, but my gut tells me he’s not the creating type at all.

Probably a poor comparison, but DeShawn Sims is the name that comes to mind. I think Sims was probably more skilled and athletic at the same age, but I think there are some similarities

That’s fair. I just have very little to base anything on and guessed you might have a more formed opinion. Appreciate the $0.02.


Jerome Hunter and Robby Carmody visiting Pitt this weekend


Hunter looking at an Oct. 1 visit to Michigan. Think U-M is in a decent spot early here, but still very early.

Other trips on the docket

I’ve spoken to Jerome numerous times and he plays things close to the vest. Do think UM is being seriously considered

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