2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)


Yeah as the poster below said: Blueitt, Scruggs, kind of Goodin.

Mostly, I feel like when we win recruitments, there’s never too much doubt about it.


We didn’t offer sumner. We passed on goodin.


And Bluiett committed to UCLA first. Xavier has made some great evaluations in Michigan (especially Sumner).


Huh? We had dropped Bluiett, and he had already gone through a UCLA commit and de-commit before going to Xavier. We didn’t offer Summers. We were never in Scruggs’ top 10. Meanwhile, we beat Xavier for Matthews in the last head-to-head recruitment.

It’s fair to criticize Beilein’s recruiting. However, these woe is me, we lose everyone we want to everyone else mantras are just falsely negative.


I’m sure we would have taken Bluiett if he was interested. He wasn’t. His lack of real interest is pretty much the reason why we “dropped him.”

I didn’t mention Sumner.

Idk how performing badly with Scruggs means it doesn’t count.


To be fair, look at the offer list between the 2 schools the past 3 or 4 years. Very different philosophies, and occasionally the same players ended up on both boards (but not often). And I think Livers got an offer from X, so we won that battle :wink:


No, it isn’t. He was always interested. We set up a “Trevon Blueitt only” recruiting weekend for him, but he wanted to reschedule so he could visit UCLA. We then cut him loose and never pursued him again when he decommited.


When a school sets up a “Trevon Blueitt only” recruiting weekend and then last minute he says “Nah I’m going somewhere else this weekend”, what do you think that indicates about his interest in that school?

We dropped him because he didn’t take Michigan seriously, aka we lost the recruitment.


Idk how the hell you guys are trying to argue “We didn’t want Blueitt anyway”, lol.


For one, you could lose the recruitment, but not the re-recruitment (which is where we would have been up against Xavier). The issue is “how have we fared in recruiting battles against Xavier,” right? And I think it’s accurate to say we had soured on him by the time Xavier was in the mix. We lost to UCLA, but not to Xavier on that one, it seems to me. I’m sure Chris Mack is a strong recruiter, though. The guy they got may work out well, but I was really hoping Mack didn’t end up at OSU.


Back to the actual topic… It’ll be interesting to see what plays out before the July period (Michigan has big visits coming up with Nance and Tyson) and then immediately after. Even Brandon Johns seems to have a more accelerated timeframe than Hunter right now and if, for a hypothetical example, those three were to commit to Michigan then I’m not sure how appealing the situation would look to Hunter with two stretch fours already in the class.

It is just going to be interesting to track because of how many multi-positional guys Michigan is recruiting. You also have Ignas who would probably be in that group.

Ideally for Michigan I think they’d land a couple of guys before July and try to put some pressure on some of their top targets to accelerate their timeframes.


I’m hearing whispers that Beilein has a recent commitment but I don’t know when the announcement will come. I’m trying not to speculate, hoping somebody else has heard.


No, he went to go visit UCLA because his high school coach took a job on their staff. But whatever, we just beat them out for Mathews. Or did you forget about that?


I can’t remember the last time we won a long time recruitment for a prospect like Hunter. Hopefully this goes differently but we don’t tend to do well with drawn out recruitments like this.


Heres how I see it working out, sorry if i posted this here yesterday, cant remember. I think Pete Nance, Hunter Tyson & Brandon Johns all drop in July for UM. That would technically leave us full but we’ll take one more to get to 5…That last spot will be held for Jerome Hunter, Iggy Brezdeikis or Noah Locke, imo.
If Hunter or Iggy, drop first, Tyson will be considered the SG in the class. If Locke drops first, Tyson could move to the 3, Locke the 2.

David DeJulius
Noah Locke or
Hunter Tyson
Jerome Hunter or Iggy Brezdeikis
Brandon Johns
Pete Nance


No, we would not have taken Bluiett. We wanted him–badly–but we dropped him when he went to UCLA to visit. We never recruited Bluiett against Xavier, which came into the picture only after the de-commit. Never.


I think Hunter is more of a 3 than Johns. He could certainly end up playing the 4 if he comes to UM, but if Johns and Nance choose UM, Beilein can and likely will still chase Hunter as a 3.


Based on mattD/umbig11 on the MGoBoard, I’m guessing it is Nance.


Could be Johns couldn’t it? I think it’s one of the two.


It’s Nete Pance