2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)



Yes please.



I’ve been pretty vocal for a year that Cormac was the guy I wanted most, but I’d say Jerome is quickly starting to replace him on my (realistic) wish list.


Hunter is my number 1 option and it isn’t even close as far as i am concerned. He has the length, athleticism and skill combination we need. Also, I can see him being a plus defender.



I have a sneaky feeling that they land both. Would be a great start to a class and a program reloading


circling the wagons…gotta protect home turf.


Remember holtmans building a wall…


Brian Snow thinks Michigan and Xavier are currently the top two for Hunter, with Xavier slightly ahead of us (Insider article).

(Dylan, if this is too much let me know and I’ll stop posting them).


Saw that yesterday. I never take much out of “gun to head” predictions. Prettty much means I have no clue. Plus, Snow has OH connections, nothing in MIchigan.

Regardless, if Nance drops late this month, I hope we still take/get Johns by summers end. More ready to contribute to a position of need (and mins avalible) vs the project of Nance. Then you focus on 1st come 1st serve with Iggy and Hunter at the 3 spot.

Realistically, with Hunter Tyson coming in and obtaining an offer soon (and UM reportedly leading), we could be full by August/September, only waiting for the two highly ranked 3’s to make a decision late fall.



Hunter down to his final 5. This is a tough list. I feel like the only team that we would be head and shoulders above at this point is Pitt. Hope he pulls his trigger sooner than later. Clarity would be helpful and I think he might have bluebloods knocking the longer it plays out.


I’m thinking his performance at the NBPA camp probably eliminated that chance.


I must have missed what played out there. Did he not perform well?


He didn’t play great, but not sure that is going to torpedo his stock or anything like that. No coaches or anything at NBPA and not really a crime to have a poor weekend. If we are talking about waiting on a blue blood to come along, that would have to happen in July.


Luckily Saddi is his primary recruiter.


Based on our history vs Xavier and in close recruitments where we trail, I feel like this recruitment is already pretty much over, tbh. I’m guessing he’s all Xavier unless a blue-blood swoops in soon.


What recruitments have been Michigan/Xavier battles that you are referring to?


Not necessarily in order of seriousness (or any threshold of seriousness for that matter):
Paul Scruggs 2016
Quentin Goodin 2015
Trevon Blueitt & Edmond Sumner 2014