2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)


Then I don’t know what the hell I’m thinking of…my apologies.


Maybe you’re thinking of the SMU game, but in fairness to you, once Xavier went on its run, it was shocking as to how they dominated UM over that stretch. It felt worse than the score and was definitely a sign of the other waxings that were to come last season: SMU, IU, MSU.


Please STAY AWAY Bluebloods


I would have thought somebody unguardable would have been ranked above 30-50. Must be one helluva class


His rise in the rankings is inevitable. Great prospect as his development explodes. I sure hope we get him.


I have a feeling he’ll get the right to first refusal among the forwards. Beilein saw the potential a year ago.


It will be interesting. We lead for Hunter Tyson who visits on the 30th. Assuming he gets an offer and plays the 3, it would directly effect Hunter. Could push his timetable up a bit, or not.


We wait Hunter out till the end. Gonna be a dynamic player.


We’ve likely got 3 spots to fill between the 2/3 so we could take both.


I would say it’s 3 spots between the 2, 3 & 4 with no knowledge on how the staff wants to delegate.

A lot depends on what DJ does before Wed. Word is Iggy Brezdiekis is still on the table for UM in the '17 class if DJ stays in the draft.

IF that happened, probably takes Johns/Nance/Swinder spot in '18. So we’d have two 4 type kids in Livers and Iggy coming in '17 and only 3 spots left (After DeJulius) for the '18 class. I don’t know that if Jerome Hunter is the priority, that you take a kid like Tyson. Both pretty clear 3 guards at 6’7 and shooting strokes (Hunter obviously is the better prospect w/ a more versatile game). I wouldn’t put Tyson at the 2 or 4, much like I wouldn’t put Duncan at the 4, only for short stints.

So if you have 3 spots after DD and Iggy goes '17
I would say Hunter and two guard and a 5 would make sense (a Wagner replacement).


3 & 4 are the same for beilein, so we agree in principle.


Don’t forget about defense.


Defense? Meh… :wink:


But often not used the same. They’re the same in movements on the court.

Think of it like this, when Zak had the ball (as the 3), and recieved a high screen, it was from either DJ (the 4) or Mo. Zak often had plays called for him, coming off baseline screens, elbows screens for jump shots ect. That what a Hunter type does.

I want Hunter handeling the ball and making some decisions on a pick n roll, not Johns/Swinder type.


where’d you hear this? Just seems like it contradicts what Dylan is aware of. I really hope you’re right.


I read it on one of the recruiting sites as well. That Iggy was leaving the 2017 option open (presumably if DJ leaves) but that all things equal he was leaning toward 2018. Guess we will see how true that is in a few days.


He hasn’t outright closed the door on it, but has said he’s leaning toward staying in. Of course if the situation changes and there’s a great spot (i…e Michigan without DJ Wilson) then obviously that could change the calculus.


I think that would be the ideal outcome if DJ stays in. He would be a good get and would be able to play right away and I think he could contribute on offense. Also I feel like if he stays in 18 he will be much harder to get.


I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. That if Wilson or Wagner leave this year and we don’t get Bamba, my ideal out come would be for Iggy to reclassify to 2017 (as he was once considering). I guessed that he wants to come to UM, but saw no path in 2017, so he announced he would stay in 2018. Maybe he would change his mind if he saw a chance to come this year and compete for playing time with freshman Livers instead of next year against sophomore Livers. He would be great to have, plus we could keep both Robinson and Mathews at the three.


That is definitely something being considered on both ends.