2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)


Iggy’s game looks extremely complete and composed. Would be ecstatic with either of them, wish we could have both!


Which leads me to a point I brought up on another board…

Go get a Canadian Ast Coach. A well known commodity in the Canadian hoops world. Seems like they have been pumping out some talent the past 5-6 years.

Would be a Harbaugh type move that could pay dividends.


If we get him, I think Hunter would end up being the star of this class.


I think he would have trouble guarding opposing 2s though. Hunter can guard the 2-4 after going through a college S&C program.

I hope we can settle this debate after watching them both in Ann Arbor for at least a couple years. But I doubt we’ll get both.


Chatman and Hunter have a similar looking 3 point shot, at times, especially when looking at their shots from the side, although Hunter seems to get his shot off much quicker. The comparison between the two ends there, I think. Hunter looks very good with potential to be the best of the class.

MattD’s comparing Hunter to Deshawn Simms (a long time ago) seems very very odd to me too…

LAW1’s comparing Hunter to a less talented and athletic Ingram sounds about right to me and I mean that in a very complimentary way toward Hunter.

Hunter checks a lot of boxes already. Sanderson + Skills develpment=Hunter is a probable two (or 3) and done, imo. I don’t think he will make it to his Senior year if he comes here.


I like the Otto Porter comparison for Hunter


Was there ever any report on how the Hunter visit went?


Hunter has shut down interviews for a while now, even in person. We’ll see if he speaks to reporters at the adidas Gauntlet this week.


An analyst at 247 just put in a crystal ball pick for Hunter to OSU. It would be really disappointing to lose Hunter to the buckeyes after all of the transition and turmoil going on there.


I am not sure why. He is about the only one that doesn’t think OSU is way behind. Xavier and UM are out front by a wide margin


6/8 currently pick OSU, most UM picks are dated. Then again, it could just be crystal ball group-think.


From everything that I have been hearing, there really isnt any new news coming out of Jerome’s camp. This should just be speculation based on changes on the OSU program and priorities that they are making. As an example, Michigan could be making RJ Barrett a priority all day, but that doesnt mean that our recruitment of him would give us any real shot at him (although i am still delusional and hoping that we do)


What’s OSU’s scholarship situation? It must be getting tight on the wing w/ their recent Jallow 2017 and Watson 2018 commits.


They’ll only have 6 returning scholarship players to start 2018-2019 season. (assuming no other changes)

Potter/Wesson are Centers. Bates-Diop/Wesson are Forwards. Maybe Young can play some Wing but I tabbed him more as a forward as well. The only guard would be CJ Jackson.

Watson would be a 2G. Jallow would be the only incoming wing.

They easily have room for a guy like Hunter.


Just out of curiosity why are you discounting IU? I read a pretty convincing piece a while ago about him and a relationship with Miller


Just my own intel. Anything that I ever heard from anyone that would have a good handle on things is that a majority thinks UM and Xavier are ahead of the pack with everyone else trying to catch up. Nothing concrete by any means, but I trust it to be true.


That is encouraging. Thanks


Not sure why but I feel like we will miss on hunter. I have no intel what so ever. Just has that vibe. I’m convinced though barring some serious pressure and gifts from blue bloods that ignas will come… again no intel at all, just that feeling. Ignas just has that Michigan look. I’m ok with this too. I prefer hunters upside but ignas is currently better. Ignas is a day one problem on offense. Hopefully nik helps bring this home. I mean nik is the selling point. Just be like look I went from fringe top 100 white boy shooter to top ten pick in two years! Imagine what he will do with you? At that pace of development ignas would go top three in 2020.


I’d be very happy with either guy and I agree with your gut that it feels like we are more likely to get Iggy (friend of Nik) than Jerome (long drawn out recruitment), but there have also been a few recruiting surprises the last couple years who knows?


I have liked both Hunter and Ignas and would be just fine with who ever committed first. Not sure what this Xavier love affair is about and would like to think we could win a true head to head recruiting battle against them. Hunter may be looking at the team roster and see’s Livers/Johns as potential roadblocks to playing time as I see both being able to potentially play the three which I see Hunter mainly as. I think JB will follow last years recipe and look for his top recruits to commit between end of July and beginning of September and if no bites keep the bait on the hook but begin to look for alternative options. At this point I see JB probably looking to take 2 more with a combination of Hunter Tyson and one of J. Hunter or Ignas.