2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)


Over the last couple of days I watched some video on Brandon Johns, Hunter Tyson, and finally MattD’s video on Jerome Hunter. Based on the videos, I would rank them Jerome H #1 (by a wide margin), Hunter T #2, and finally Johns #3. Jerome Hunter can do it all. It was great to see some rebounding and fast break initiation in a video! That alley oop to the little guy was absolutely sick, that takes skill. Tyson H also looked good with a nice range of skills. He’s a very confident dribble and I loved the Mo Wagner behind the back move. OTOH, Brandon Johns just didn’t do it for me. Seems like a low motor guy that likes to hang on the perimeter. But he’s ranked #54, so there must be something there that I’m missing. BUT WE NEED JEROME HUNTER.


Jerome and Iggy are # 1

Iggy gets penetration at will, something Hunter is still working on. Iggy has tons of dog in him.

That said, either would put this class at another level


This visit and timing would seem to be a phenomenal sign for us. We have the chance we need. Hunter and/or Iggy makes this a special special class



Hmmm, right now I’d rank Johns #1 on that list. He’s looked very good to me. Great stroke, nice post moves, and finishing with authority down low. He’s a future pro IMO.


I agree with you. I think Hunter is slightly better than Iggy and has a higher ceiling, but it’s probably splitting hairs between the two of them. I’d take either (or both!).

I don’t know if Mr.LG watched highlights of Johns from last year, but he improved on pretty much everything that was considered a weakness last year. And while he’s a stretch four, he has shown that he can finish inside this spring/summer. Great get.


Absolutely amazing how people can watch the same thing and see 100% different things.


Yep, everyone sees things differently. Jerome Hunter’s film reminds me a lot of Kam Kameron, not sure if it is a goood sign. I like the recent films of Johns, high ceiling, but needs time to adjust and add explosiveness. Tyson and Ignas, on the other hand, will be ready contribute as freshmen, both glue guys. Tyson would shine and maximize his ceiling in this offense, and Ignas has a lot of fire in his game like Novak.


Any bits/notes that came out of yesterday? I would hope and assume that they are pushing for that early commit


Kam Kameron? Chatman?


Hunter’s film reminds me of a lesser talented Brandon Ingram, which obviously is a good thing. I like all three (Johns, Iggy, Hunter) a lot.


If it’s Chatman, their film doesn’t look anything alike to me.


Yeah, I don’t see too many similarities. Chatman was probably a better passer at the same point in high school. But Hunter shows the ability to play above the rim and finish inside, which is something Chatman really struggled with in college. Hunter is the better shooter and shows more driving ability IMO.


yes, my bad. I meant Kam Chatman. I was not saying that Jerome is not good. Had Kam stayed, he might be able to break out last season. But I don’t see Jerome being more ready than Johns, or better than Johns in any way. Johns has the built to be a PF in NBA, will be a stretch 4 in this system with emphasis on 4, or even 5 if necessary. Jerome’s natual position is 3, he has a nice jumper but is not as versertile as other wings on the board.


Hunter is a far superior athlete to
Chatman and shoots the three much better. His handle is also getting better and better. Plus he has the wingspan/length NBA teams desire.
Johns is more mature physically, but Hunter compares to Otto Porter and has been a priority fir Beilein for the past year.


I think the opposite. Hunter is the most versatile of our targets, outside of maybe Hunter Tyson. Johns is almost strictly a stretch 4. I would be surprised if he saw minutes at any other position for significant stretches. Iggy is a 3/4. Hunter could play 2/3/4 if he continues to improve his handling and play making ability. He’s got a lot of potential in each role IMO.


Yeah, don’t see the comparison. More athletic, much more fluid, plays much faster, and is a better shooter. I almost don’t see anything they have in common.


Iggy is the most versitile imo. He’s also the toughest sob I’ve seen in a while.

He can shoot it, takes it to the hole consistently (something Hunter dosent do yet) and has good vision. Best handles of our remaining prospects too.


Agreed. Iggy looks like he can play bully ball at the college level, he’s a skilled player with plenty of toughness


The benefits of starting a Canada shooting guard pipeline could be great too