2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)


Three great players as far as I can tell. I hate to sound like a Beggar but I would be stoked if we can get One of the three. And two of three would be awesome.


This is exactly where I’m at…give me one of the 3 and I’m happy. 2 of 4 including Locke and I’m thrilled with this class as the new core with what we’ve already brought in.


Here’s a link to Rivals article in regards to Hunter. UNC watched him on Wednesday…

Another link in regards to who watched him, including Beilein


Any idea if any other players of note were in the games that UNC and LVille watched? Just wondering if it is conceivable that they are there for others or there is no other real option than Hunter


No idea. Don’t know who they played.


Not trying to start a fight with wolverheel but as one who was a nominal Tarheel fan (after Michigan, of course) (my HS coach was very close to Dean Smith), I don’t understand how that school still has a program. I’m irritated now if/when we lose a player to them, because I don’t understand how you still get to play ball after an academic scandal that ridiculous.


I think the reality is this - the NCAA has a great product to sell (college football, college basketball), and UNC is certainly one of the very top college basketball teams in the country. They have been for 40 years. So I don’t see the NCAA doing something to actually hurt its brand. They’ll give UNC a slap on the wrist, and that will be that. And that’s why schools cheat - the downside when you get caught is minor.


I guess I’m a bit confused on what that has to do with Jerome Hunter. I’d rather not clog up a thread on a prospect with a topic that you know exactly what I will say about.


We lost Cam Johnson to them. If we lost another guy to them, I’d be more frustrated. If they’re looking at him, they are now part of the topic, particularly when the bulk of the topic is trying to figure out where Hunter will ultimately commit to.

Anyway, I meant no offense, just figured you would see this differently.

Edit: for the record, I don’t believe your understanding of the Cam Johnson situation is correct at all. You may be technically correct if there’s some sort of list he put out at some point or another, but I have good reason to believe we had at least a 50/50 shot at him - at the point in time when he was actually deciding - if he hadn’t been allowed to go to Carolina. I’m pretty sure he had a visit lined up that was cancelled, and someone with a very accurate gut was putting out strong rumblings about Cam and Michigan. Then Carolina emerged as an option and that was that. So I think “as far as (what you) know” is not accurate here by a long shot.


A far as I know we were never listed in Johnson’s top X, so if you’re even gonna say we lost him to anyone (which is already quite a reach) then we lost him to UNC and about 10+ other programs. Here’s my advice to you: go on a national forum, start a thread called “Why hasn’t UNC gotten the death penalty?” and I’m sure you’ll find many UNC fans willing to engage your question.


We started off in his top 10, but we were clearly looking for help at point guard above every other position, so I’m sure he knew that. Once Simmons committed, we had no more room. And by that time Johnson had narrowed his list down to schools which did not include us.


Jerome Hunter committed to Indiana. Sh*t.


Come on down, Iggy!



Unreal. Did he even visit there yet?


So much for the UM vs. Xavier talk. Make it happen, Iggy. I hope the Nate Hinton and Kaden Archie chatter has legs.


Yes, waited to cut his list to visit and get the IU offer.


Sheesh. Right after Race Thompson too. Wish just once we could land our top priority target


Wow. Seemingly out of nowhere. Had been hearing Michigan and Xavier out front for so long with the other schools trailing. Not to mention, Hunter seemed to be in no hurry to make a decision. The timing of this is really strange. Very disappointing. Hopefully Iggy comes on board soon.


Yeah. I feel like the timing of this is the weird thing. Must have fell in love with IU on his visit, gave us one last shot to sway him on his official (we must have finished second), we didn’t and he committed shortly after.


Archie watching Jerome Hunter on Friday evening and John Beilein being at Peach Jam for the first few days makes me think that Michigan probably thought it had a better shot at Ignas.