2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)



I think @MattD said the staff prefers Hunter, which I think is great news. And then I’d guess a wing (Ryan/Carmody) is higher priority than Johns. But not sure we can afford to put Johns on hold and play the wait-and-see game, considering he’s a highly-touted, in-state (from EL, no less) recruit.

@buckets12 funny that you say that, because I’m guessing the people that would be relatively less happy with a Johns commitment were also relatively less happy with the Livers commitment (think that we passed up better options for a guy who strictly fills the offense-related needs of the team)


If we take a 3/4 in '18, I’d rather it be Hunter.
Priority should really be a top 2G for '18 though.





In front of Izzo and Jeff Meyer

Beilein was at another court watching Ignas.


Wow aau help defense sucks. On the other hand t’s good to see our targets being aggressive, and college s & c would hopefully make him more explosive.



This kid, to go along with livers, would be rather exciting. Kid has a very bright future.


Hunter and Nance are higher on my wish list for that position than Johns, but it sounds like Johns is rediscovering his game after a less inspiring stretch over the past 12-15 months.



Made this previously Patreon-only video free from EYBL this spring:


3 crystal balls for Johns to Michigan today including Jerry Meyer. Maybe something developing?


Yep. Looks like Nance/Johns combo in the near future. Hope it’s true. Want 2 of 3 from Iggy, Johns and Hunter (though I’d take all three, I get the roster makeup issues it could provide).


Don’t really like looking at rankings all that often as a primary judgment, but find it interesting that Brandon Johns is the highest rated player that Michigan has offered in this class (although Iggy’s ranking seems a bit messed up by some sites not ranking him).



Yeah, there’s nothing in there that truly dissuades the rumors. Particularly since umbig11 is batting 1.000


Maybe. However, the report mentioned in the tweet says only that an assistant at Johns’ high school hasn’t been told that a commitment has occurred and thus doubts it. By contrast, there are multiple sources across several sites (many with a lot of credibility) stating that Johns has committed. Until anything happens publicly, I’m in wait and see mode–anything can happen–but the fact that an East Lansing reporter (primarily a traffic reporter at that) advises “pumping the brakes” based on an inconclusive set of comments from a high school assistant coach doesn’t move the needle for me.


I agree completely gotta take into account the city as well as a coach trying to protect his players announcements.


I was thinking the same thing. In a shocking turn, a coach and radio station from east lansing deny rumors that a top 50 prospect from their city is going to a school they probabaly hate.


David DeJulius and Brandon Johns is a damn good start to '18.