2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)




Sam Webb gave his “gut feeling” on Johns.


I’m pretty sure Sam’s gut has been wrong like once in 10 years.


Unless he eats too much sugar, his intestinal flora should be just fine.


The coach is NOT going to confirm a commitment or intent to commit even if true. His rendition of Johns’ commitment scenario is exactly the same as what he’s said publicly as reported by several sites. Martin is saying that an actual commitment is a rumor, as far as he knows, not that Johns is not likely to commit.


Sean Parker?


This is exactly the example that came to my mind immediately. That said, it’s the only time Sam’s gut/sources failed him that I can think of.


Thursday is the day.



Mike Weber


Did he predict Mike Weber again after he decommitted?


He was on air saying M was going to get Weber the morning of the announcement. Sam was taken aback when OSU won out.


To be fair, my recollection is that Weber told the staff he would commit, but got spooked in the morning when Higdon committed (i.e. situation changed with new developments). I’d bet Parker similarly silently committed, though I think Sam has upped his criteria to where he wants to hear from both sides before he issues a “gut” feel.


I agree with all you say; doesn’t change change fact that Sam was wrong.


So Sam should be clairvoyant then? I mean, he typically has the same information the actual coaching staff has about commitment status. If a kid puts a head-fake on the coaching staff and changes his mind after committing, is Sam supposed to anticipate that?

I always find it funny when people point to 1-2 examples of the “gut” being wrong in all the years Sam has done this.




Watched a lot of Brandon Johns film the last few days for a feature scheduled at some point this week ( :slight_smile: ) I really like how his game has developed over the last year or so.


Perhaps, say, Thursday afternoon…


Was thinking the same. Wasn’t a huge fan last year, and I realize he was playing up a grade, but didn’t like his energy, aggressiveness or athleticism. Really looks like he’s grown in all 3 areas.


Alls I’ll say i only got into this convo (and I’m sorry I did) to offer a data point, on a subject I give very little weight.
If I offended Sam Webb and his minions, I’m genuinely contrite and forlorn. Sam’s the best!!


Can we get back on topic instead of discussing random football recruitments?