2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)



I don’t. All I know is that he’s been cut the past 2 years


Brad Davison was completely overwhelmed as a Junior in the EYBL and became America’s favorite recruit as a Senior. I haven’t watched Johns enough to know that he can make that jump but it’s possible. That year can make a world of difference (anyone know his birthday, just curious if he is young or old for his grade?).

I still don’t think Davison is a high major recruit but he played extremely well this spring and summer. College coaches have had to have seen something out of Johns to earn these offers and interest. It’ll be interesting to see how his recruitment plays out.


12/14/99 is DOB. Not young or old for grade. Next year in EYBL will tell it all


Respectfully, I think you may be overestimating the value of eybl play as an evaluating tool. Certainly, it is a factor to consider, and a reasonably important one at that, but there are all sorts of examples of guys playing much better or much worse in the eybl setting than they do at the high school level, or at the college level–just in terms of recent Michigan recruits, Carlton Brundidge and Kam Chatman showed much better in eybl than elsewhere, and MAAR showed much worse. The coaching is different, the style of play, especially on defense, is different, the amount of attention to fundamentals is different, the roster composition is often different, forcing kids into roles they might not play as well, etc. Again, this is NOT to say that eybl isn’t important–it is–just that it’s not a be all and end all. Watching a kid play high school ball, with kids and a system he plays with on a season long basis is very important as well.


I agree with you that EYBL is only 1 factor of several, although an important one, as you concur. That said, high school ball is relevant, but to both sides of the fence. Generally speaking, EYBL is a much better indicator of a kid’s talent/skill (or lack of) when the kid is facing poor HS competition. Johns plays poor competition in Lansing, so EYBL is a much better metric in my opinion. We’ve seen this over and over, in particular at UM, where guys dominate against bums but simply can’t handle the speed and athleticism at the college level. I think HS performance means much more for a guy like Easley that plays ball in Indianapolis where he’s playing legit competition basically every game.

All that to say that while EYBL isn’t the factor, I think you’re failing to use full context in the case of Johns, who plays poor HS competition. EYBL is certainly much more indicative of talent/skill assessment in his case than anything he does in Lansing HS basketball in my opinion.




Landing the top player in the state will be nice.


If you could get Mr. Basketball from 2 of Michigan/Ohio/Indiana every year you’d have a heck of a team.


Izzo watched Johns today





Great comeback tonight by the #EastLansing Trojans. Down 16 at one point, Brandon Johns leads EL to the 70-66 win. 33 pts 11 reb 6 blocks

— Steve Finamore (@CoachFinamore) January 14, 2017


Holt never has much college talent, but they’re always well coached and a good team. Nice, not spectacular game for johns.


Holt has 3 star Jaron Faulds, a 6’8" forward with mid major offers.


Faulds is committed to Columbia. Holt is not very good comp



Does everyone here agree that Johns is a take?


Johns is a poor man’s Livers in my eyes. Adding his skill set would be kind of redundant with Livers already in the fold. But I do like him as a prospect in general, just not sure he is a great fit with our roster going forward