2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)



I don’t know if I would prefer that or not, but if that’s how it shook out, I’d be very happy. Honestly, at this point, we have enough names on the radar in both 2017 (Cain, Young, Jackson, Wilkes, Mathews, Davison, Livers, Tillman) and 2018 (Johns, Easley, Carmody, Ryan) that if we can fill 7 or so scholarships with any mix of those guys (with proper attention to positions, of course), I’ll be pretty happy. As always, the key is closing. But I’m hopeful that we’re back in our comfort zone (50-150 range, with the exception of Wilkes and Jackson), and hopefully that will yield some results.


Johns looks like he’ll be a high 30s% from deep. Is Wilkes a guy that shows potential in his shooting? GR3 only shot low 30s IIRC and he was just fine for us.


Wilkes’ shot doesn’t look bad at all. With him, I think it’s more becoming confident in shooting consistently from 3. He definitely has the skill to become a 35%+ shooter from 3.


I’d have to disagree, his mechanics are pretty bad IMO right now. Not to say he can’t improve, but I don’t think he’s going to be a mid 30s from distance guy.


MSU offer for Johns

Interesting that UM offered Johns first and MSU offered Kithier first. (I know UM hasn’t offered Kithier yet but I’d bet that comes on his visit tomorrow)


LA Wolverine1 you are right the key is closing. In the last couple of years UM had offers out on great players and they showed interest right down to the end, then went elsewhere. UM needs to get an early decision on one of the elite 2017 recruits and this may get others motivated.


Johns will be Blue. I think he’s a little overrated, but he’ll be a good fit.




Brandon Johns 6-8 Jr Spiece Indy Heat (East Lansing): Some around the program think Johns has the most potential on the Indy Heat roster, even when 6-10 senior Jaren Jackson is in the mix. Rare mix of size, skill and feel. Has the potential to be one of the great modern forwards in Michigan history, like LaVell Blanchard or Winfred Walton. That said, didn’t dominate just did his job along the deep Spiece frontcourt.


If he commits to Michigan, I wonder if it will be because MSU’s offer was non-commitable.


How is a non-commitable offer an offer? It sounds more like interest and the prospect of a future offer if things play out a certain way.



I think it was clear we have him as the #1 target and with that other guy we didn’t offer going elsewhere, it is even more obvious.


Johns down to #40 and I suspect it will continue to go down a bit over the next year.



Johns down to 97 on Scout (per Dylan) and #38 per Rivals update today


I see why your down on him but I like him still. He’s a solid athlete. Looks to be a good shooter. Solid handle. Looks like he knows how to use his body. I’d take him in a heart beat still.


Not necessarily a talent issue, because at a legit 6’8 he certainly has a decent handle and a decent shot. Although embracing physicality is certainly not a strength of Johns. He simply lacks any sort of motor or aggression. He was a very timid player in EYBL. Honestly, rankings aside, if you just assessed the productivity in EYBL, you would think Livers is the far superior prospect in relation to Johns.


I think next summers AAU season will tell us a lot about where Brandon Johns is as a recruit. You have what two years before he even will step on a college campus as a freshman.


Exactly. Things are going to go 1 of 2 ways in my opinion. Either Johns will step up and be the man with the departure of Jackson, Tillman, and Roberts OR he will cease to get open looks because of that and struggle. Only time will tell


Thank you. I haven’t watched either in person; just basing my opinions on reports from others. This is a useful evaluation.

Any idea how Johns has done at USA Basketball events?