2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)



Again, just stylistically comparing the 2 players. Neither is skilled enough to be ball handling wing, although I do think Brandon can shoot well enough. Neither player is physical enough to play the post on either side of the court. What you have is a tweener that doesn’t have quite enough skill to be a wing but also lacks the physicality to play the post. And I’ve watched him in person all summer vs elite comp. Again. I think he’s a nice player, but just don’t know if he’s the instant impact type/no-brainer that everyone may think he is.


I think tweeners like that are a bit more valuable than you’re giving them credit for. I haven’t watched the film on Johns but people said the same thing about Tobias Harris heading into the NBA. Not quick enough or a good enough shooter to be a 3 but not strong and physical enough to be a 4. He made it work by using those size advantages at the 3 and for Detroit by stretching the floor as a 4. I think stylistically Johns could play a similar role, however caveats apply greatly since I haven’t seen the recent film so I don’t know about ball handling, finishing, etc. His measurements from sites vary but top out at around 6’8" and 210 lbs. If he can get up to 220-225 I think he’d be a good fit at the 4 but I’m not sure how much weight he can add on that frame. The good thing is he has 2 years.


Seen Johns multiple times the last two years in HS. Projection and continued maturation are always the wild cards with him moving forward.

He appears soft at times but has an ever advancing skill set that he has tested at higher up levels with success.

He appears non-explosive but then will wow you by just jumping over people for an awesome flush.

I’m still one of those people who believe his handle is underrated and could quite possibly be a weapon in college even with his suspect lateral movement. He’s smooth with the ball when asked to be and his HS coach is adamant on improving it.

He’s a legit 6’ 7" on the floor and Beilein has loved him forever. Tough to beat Izzo 1 on 1, but I’m not sure of his priority level for State going forward.

Lot of cards to fall in this recruitment yet. M has a realistic shot IMO.


Chez - I’ve seen flashes of his handle, but if I’m being blunt, he’s just very timid on the EYBL circuit. Doesn’t look completely comfortable. But, he is playing up a year. I’ve seen him in HS, and he looks MUCH better. Truth is, the speed and athleticism at the EYBL level impacts his game because he simply doesn’t have the physical advantages that he enjoys playing weak HS competition (relatively speaking anyway).


His best ball is ahead of him, but I would gladly take a commitment at any time. Let’s hope Mom wins out!

Very hopeful his handle will advance to the point I think it could. He can cover a lot of ground with 2-3 hard purposeful dribbles.

Motor will NEVER match Donnie’s, but he’s a Beilein type kid through and through.


Pretty common for people to be more aggressive in high school play, especially bigger guys with their handle. I know you are high on Jamal Cain’s handle, but that’s something that you certainly see more at the HS level than the EYBL level.

I would also add that playing up a grade and in the EYBL is pretty significant.


Agreed wholeheartedly on Cain, with the caveat being that Jamal plays PF for the Family, whereas Brandon actually plays the wing for Spiece. In other words, one doesn’t handle by default, the other is self imposed (at least in theory).


Johns measured at 6-8, 215 at USA.


A little more muscle and he’d be perfect size for a 4 in our system in my opinion. Glenn Robinson III was 6’6" 220, and I still think 225 would be good for Johns.


Simpson-Poole-Matthews-Johns-Wagner could be pretty potent in 2018.


I like your thinking. Take out johns and insert Wilkes and we are looking like a top tier team. I’d love to have johns too though


Surprised you like Wilkes over Johns, as Brandon is the much better shooter. Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer Wilkes as well.


Wilkes shows skills that Johns has not. Like both but since Wilkes is 2017 lets start their. My guess is JB is offering 2018’s that he will take regardless of what happens with 2017. Not sure whats going on with the Cain recruitment but I get the feeling that if he does not bite by the end of July JB will move on to other options.


Out of curiosity why Wilkes over Johns?


I think the better question is why not to be honest. He’s superior in every attribute other than shooting.


Fair enough to be honest I haven’t watched a lot of film on either. Didn’t know if you preferred certain attributes of Wilkes over Johns but everything except shooting answers that thank you.


If I had to make a comparison in terms of style of play, I think Kris Wilkes is a smaller version of Harrison Barnes in that regard. Think he will be a much better 2 way player in college in relation to Johns. I think Johns is a nice prospect as well, but top 30 is way too high IMO. I thinks Johns is probably closer to a 60-80 type player.


Much more athleticism from Wilkes and watching him play is really fun. Wilkes invites physical play as to johns seems to shy away from it. Although johns is the better shooter, I believe Wilkes has a much higher ceiling. I like johns quite a bit but I think they’re on two different levels.


Agree, but I’d like to see Cain as part of that mix too.


I’d take Tillman/Young over Johns as well. Thrown Cain in there at the 3 and you have a great mix of shooting, ballhandling, passing, and athleticism.