2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)



Major major strides in his movement as a whole, last year he just seemed slow and often uninterested so glad he is progressing nicely.


I wouldn’t categorize anybody playing ball year round, year after year, as a youth, as uninterested.
If anything he may have struggled adjusting to playing against older, better competition.


He may have grown but Dylan has him listed at 6-7" 205 under the recruiting tab.


That was probably last updated 4 years ago, FWIW.


Funny…maybe he is 6-9"… This is my only source!


247 has him at 6-8" 206…so I suppose he’s 6-7…who knows?


He was measured at 6-foot-8 (with shoes), 215 pounds with a 6-foot-10.5 inch wingspan at a USA Basketball event in Summer 2016. I think he’s closer to 6-9 now.


I love to see that wingspan. And if he is 6’9" the idea of him playing small ball 5 as a change up could be a game changer.



I’ve been talking about an all jumbo forward lineup for a minute now. A lot of potential there, similar to Nebraska right now.


Thanks…the kid has huge upside! I will enjoy watching him evolve. I’m curious about his potential next year and how his game translates to the NBA. Is he a 2,3 or 4 year player? How will JB groom him…6’-9" perimeter player. Can he man up at the next level…who can he guard? Is he a tweener?

I love this game!


You can play that 2-3 zone like Syracuse when you’re long and tall. Tough to man up though with quick guards! Should be one hell of a year!


Even if he was only 6’7”, wing span and strength are far more important than an inch or two of height.


Beilein has played Frank Young (6’6") at the 5 while at WVU and also played Novak there for small stretches a few years ago. He isn’t afraid to do it. What it does, is open the cutting and driving lanes for everyone else.


It also takes Wagner and Teske off the floor. Is that a good thing?


Just saying it’s an option and it’s been done before. I don’t think Beilein will use it especially if Wagner stays and Teske and Davis are back.


Young was a 6’5" wing and while both he and Novak guarded the 4, neither played a minute at the 5. Smote and Wilson would be better examples of guys playing out of position at the 5.


Young definitely played the 5 on offense. He might not have covered the 5 on defense but he was the middle man in two guard for a decent amount of time his senior year when WVU had Nichols, Ruoff, Alexander, and Mazzulla on the floor. There were specific play calls for him to get shots from that spot.


Ah yes Frank Young…hoping we get a break out game like he had at MSG at the BIG EAST tournament from Poole or Simmons.


Alexander was the big in that lineup.