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You’re wrong. Joe never played the 5 with Beilein. He did with Huggs but not with Beilein. I watched every minute of every game for Beilein’s last year at WVU and Huggs’ first year.


I think it is do-able too. Arizona State this year has played extremely effectively with a 6’8 skilled Forward at the 5 spot. For the first 10 or whatever games, they were outgunning everyone.



I would give it a 10 if he jumped over the other kid.


Out of laziness, can anyone tell me when Brandon Johns’ next game is, and where? Is it “do or die time” in high school basketball right now (I only have enough energy to follow my work and college hoops)? I’d really like to watch him live! Thanks


Good timing asking @ChipJonez. The game Friday is a big one that decides the conference title. Okemos is tied for 1st in the conference right now and it’s at Okemos. Okemos beat EL earlier this year but Brandon did not play. Should be a full house and raucous atmosphere. I might be in attendance as well. Will just depend on what other big games across the state are. That should certainly be one of the better ones. Anyone who wants to see a Michigan recruit and see a great high school game with a awesome atmosphere, EL at Okemos Friday will be about as good as it gets.


Thx BP, I told my buddy that I was certain of one poster on here that would know (meaning you)! Unfortunately my flight home this week doesn’t land until 9:00, so I’ll keep fingers crossed that his season continues. Keep up with the updates, love your contributions @BP3!


Boys basketball has games next week. Boys districts (do or die) start March 5th. Don’t know when EL plays.


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Steve Finamore, the coach of the East Lansing boys basketball team, has resigned.

Finamore was in his eighth season as East Lansing’s coach, leaving his mark on the Trojans basketball program with a combined record of 62 and 4 with two consecutive CAAC Blue Titles with a chance at another one this year.

The suspension stems from an incident in the hallway of East Lansing High School. A parent of one of the East Lansing players approached Finamore and was upset about that players’ lack of playing time. Finamore objected to the parents’ timing of the complaint and when Athletic Director Tom Hunt interceded, he and Finamore got into a shouting match.

Finamore was then told he was suspended.

On Monday, Finamore announced his resignation.

In other news, Foster Loyer reportedly has a torn meniscus.


That’s awful. As a youth coach, I’ve had a few run-ins with parents as well. Sounds initially like the AD didn’t have his coach’s back, but I wonder if more details will be released.


I umpired youth baseball for awhile and I can firmly say that parents were far more obnoxious than any coach I encountered. It sucks for coaches if your kids have the asshole type of parents.


I’ve been running youth sports for a living for almost a decade and I can say that this is usually the truth. I’ve had more problems with parents being turds to officials and coaches than issues with coaches.


I was a coach for a girls varsity high school basketball team and you wouldn’t believe the things that parents would do and say. Parents are often the biggest problem being a coach and it is made far worse when the AD doesn’t have your back. It’s a shame.


Another sad trend, that has been going on for years, is school administrators being quick to side with parents instead of supporting their staff, even when they know the parent is out of line. I don’t know the specifics in this case, I am speaking of the trend in general.


Yup, the AD’s know the parents can get together and have their job in an instant so they just side with them instead of searching for the truth. It’s certainly an issue in high school athletics right now.


We had a disturbing time at a school soccer playoff match the other night when fellow parents from my daughter’s travel team–friends and fellow parents there–went crazy screaming after my daughter made a beautiful, clean, and hard tackle on one of their players. We have seen one of the women get thrown out of a match before for going off on refs but viewing it from the opposing sideline–carried on then over the next hour–was pretty daunting. I think some people are so frustrated with their lives that when there’s some (apparently) legitimate reason to go off they just unleash.

P.S. The flipside of AD’s not taking the coach’s side is, of course, a situation like MSU., where the knee-jerk institutional reaction is circling the wagons. It takes real skill to defuse angry people, and coaches and administrators probably need training in it.


You bring up a great point in the middle there. Most of those types of parents were unsuccessful athletically in their time and are living through the kids, basically caring twice as much as the other fans. I find them to be the same type of person who screams at their small kid who makes a mistake at a younger age.


As far as crazy high school basketball parents, my little brother is a sophomore in college and is coaching a Class C JV team. Apparently one of the parents who was mad about his kid’s playing time/progress went to the AD to try and get my brother fired midseason, when the replacement would just be a random history teacher lol.


Don’t understand why parents don’t ask the coach why their kid isn’t getting playing time. Isn’t that hard to talk to a coach after practice, ask when you can meet and then have a reasonable discussion about it. If you think there isn’t a legitimate reason for your kid not getting playing time, lay out your argument. And coaches should be able to give a logical reason why that specific kid isn’t getting playing time.


I coach a high school freshman team right now and pretty much every game I have obnoxious parents screaming about playing time making fools of themselves. I also have just 9 players on my team and 6 of them missed practice last Friday, all of whom no-call, no-showed.

The sense of entitlement to playing time without earning it is outrageous