2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)



Wow, is that in Lithuania too? :smiley:


No, that’s Lavar’s league that is supposed to be in the US but has no teams, venues, players, etc. The two Ball brothers aren’t planning on playing in it.


Dear God, please bury the Big Blowhard under twenty feet of his own jive and verbiage.



He seems to be moving really well, especially that late in the game. Will make a great 1-2 punch with Livers.




Wagner 2.0?


Huh? Not the same player at all.


Brandon Johns has quickness and athletic ability that Wagner only wishes he had.


Not the same player but I have dreams of a lineup where Johns can effectively play the 5.


A line up of Poole, Matthews, iggy, livers, and johns could be insane if everything broke the right way. As in Poole could play the 1, Iggy lives up to the hype, and Johns can play the 5.


I have high hopes for Johns. JB is going to have a nice problem on his hands next year how does he get minutes for Livers, Iggy and Johns in the rotation. That is going to be a flexible group of 3/4’s. With ability to play small ball in certain situations.


except Poole isn’t a 1 and Johns isn’t a 5—(Livers is closer to a 5 than Johns)


Johns is to me a more fluid player even now than Wagner, even if Wagner’s specific skills are at this stage better-developed. Johns looks to have tremendous upside, including an ability to contribute right away.


I love Johns jump shot. He gets good elevation and has simple, tight mechanics. I think he could be 40%+ shooter for his career.


BJ is 6-7…if he’s UM’s 5 that’s going to be trouble. He’s 3-4 guy the way he shoots the ball.


That would be interesting if he could defend that position.


Don’t forget Matthews, since we’re talking about the 3 and the 4.


I thought they said he was up to 6’9 in the video?