2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)



Still skeptical about what?

Unless your talking about his ongoing recovery, he was more then productive this spring/summer against elite competition…


It doesn’t look like his injury kept him out of the weight room.


Yes but his dominant stats have been against everyone under 6’6. I’m not hating on it at all because I think he looks a lot better than last year and much of AAU this year and think he will make a decent impact right away next year. Ive watched him this season and have publicly said he looks improved in just about everything. Big ten is a different beast from Lansing area high school teams though. I’m just saying let’s not get too high in the clouds on him quite yet because we don’t know if he will produce like he has against a team like, say, Clarkston or Belleville or another team with an elite wing or forward in their lineup who can physically matchup with him.


So, you are saying that a player may not produce comparable stats when the level of competition increases. Seems reasonable. Thanks.


There will be an adjustment he will have to make when he gets to campus let alone play a college game. Bumping and grinding in practice against Livers and other Bigs will help prepare him to go against more athletic and skilled players. I have a feeling he is more athletic than we have seen and the college game will force him to use the athleticism he does not have to show in high school or AAU.

I know everyone talks about IGGY as the freshman player to watch for next year but I feel Johns might be the most important. With Wagner and Duncan probably both gone next year the 4 is going to be very important from the stand point of offense defense, and rebounding and we are going to need Johns to be a part of the rotation as a 4 with Livers. I see him and Iggy as the only freshman that we just absolutely need to come in ready to play a lot. At this stage I see Johns offensive game as probably better than Livers.


The thing is, I think he will be a little better than Livers was coming in as a freshman. So not sure how that equates to PT next year since Livers will add another year of experience and working out. But at the minimum it adds a ton of quality depth. Johns should be good. Partially because i doubt we will ask too much of him and for the first time maybe ever for him. The pressure/expectations to produce at a high rate won’t be there. I wonder how he will react to it. I feel like that will help him and us.


If Johns works his way into next season’s rotation it will be because of skill, not because of depth chart for the 3wing vs 4wing.

  1. On offense the 3&4 are the same in Beilein’s system, only difference is the L or R side of the court.

  2. On defense Matthews is splitting time between defending opposing 3s & 4s. No reason to think he can’t continue to guard opposing 4s next season as well.

  3. Brazdeikis, because of his size/footwork issues, might be better suited to defend opposing 4s than 3s next year.

The better question might end up, can Livers defend B1G caliber 3wings next season so UM can run with a Livers-Brazdeikis or Livers-Johns rotation while resting Matthews. Or does UM end up using Poole as a swing defender between the 2-guard (most of the time) and 3-wing (when Matthews is resting)?


I’m hoping the Livers/Johns combo can relieve Charles from having to defend the 4, although with the way we switch it’s inevitable he’ll end up there from time to time.

I do love your question about Livers defending the 3 next year…I’m hoping he only does through natural defensive switching. I’d honestly rather see next year’s freshman guard the 3, and have Charles give opposing 2s trouble with his length from time to time


Is that really accurate to say Mathews is splitting time guarding the 3 and 4? He has guarded the 4 over a few short stretches where Beilein went small, but we’ve seen very little of that lineup so far. There are also switches but he’s ended up on the 2 just as often in those scenarios. As far as I can tell, he’s been matching up with the 3 at least 90% of the time.


Correct: Matthews has basically been playing the 3, but Michigan also switches 1 through 4 so guys guard multiple positions.


Iggy and Johns are both very capable of playing the four in this system and probably bring different things. Michigan needs the depth at that spot so their additions will be welcome.


Yea it’s exciting to know that we finally have a bunch of young and talented guards and wings coming into the fold between the 2017 and 2018 classes. Next year will be the most talent JB has had since 2012/13. Can’t wait to see it all develop.


Highlights from Brandon’s last game against Ottawa Hills.


Your posting of all these videos is much appreciated. If you can, keep them coming!


I’ll try to!


He makes everything look easy.


Love the quote on izzo. Would love to know more about the “rant”.


He said he wants to work on his confidence.

“I want to work on walking on the court and telling myself that I am here to dominate,” he said. “I want to be ready to dominate every game.”

Michigan fans everywhere are going to love hearing that comment.