2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)



If the taller, more athletic guys (Iggy, Livers, Matthews, Johns) can shoot as well/close to as well as Poole, and then also bring better rebounding and defense. Granted, Iggy looks like the only guy who could maybe reach Poole’s distributing potential (Matthews is already a more accomplished distributor).

Not saying that this is likely; I think this year would have to go very poorly for Poole, or Brooks would have to become primarily a 2-guard, for Poole to not at least begin 2018 as a starter.


I just think Poole’s shooting ability and the ability to create off the dribble so well is not something we know that any player in that group can bring us, sure matthews can get to the hoop off the dribble but if you put Poole’s ability to shoot off the catch, to shoot off the dribble, and to create for his teammates off the dribble is definitely something that we don’t know we have from Iggy, Livers, Charles, and Brandon and something that could help contribute next year to the teams “ceiling”. Also Poole showing us these glimpses as a freshman of how he can create for himself and teammates is certainly promising for the next years, I think Jordan Poole is a huge part of this teams future.


I agree with everything you just said. Im just saying IF Matthews and/or Iggy can also provide the things that we expect from a sophomore Poole, or 80% of it or however much, and they can bring better rebounding and defending, then having Matthews and Iggy at the 2/3 and either Livers or Johns at the 4 would be the lineup with the higher potential.

Again, not saying that I think it’s likely that Poole gets supplanted, because I agree that he is very skilled and that his skill-set will be unique to next year’s roster.

To bring the thread back to topic: it’ll be interesting to see how deeply Poole and Livers can entrench themselves in playing time, with a supremely talented crop of frosh en route. I’d guess it’s more likely that Johns or Iggy takes Liver’s play time, than Iggy taking Poole’s. I guess cant count out Brooks moving to the 2, if Z wins the PG race in 2017.




That is a next level fro by 24 on the other team. That’s gotta help on defense.


Next level windmill by Johns!


A striking resemblance with…


Full highlights from yesterday’s game!


Highlights from the game against Jackson high.


Am I mistaken or is he playing with more of an edge recently?


I honestly haven’t seen a clip in quite a while in which I thought his “motor” was lacking. Granted its a highlight tape so I don’t know what it looks like every play, but it sure seems as though he stepped up his intensity level when spring/summer ball hit, and he hasn’t seemed to slow down.

And his range is RIDICULOUS.


He looks bigger and stronger.

Going to be a good player for us.

It’s all coming together.


He also looks jacked already.


A decent performance lol


The talent level at the 2-4 spots next year is going to be incredible


He’s extremely well built! Talked to him on the court right after his first game and my thoughts were he looked like a tank. Last Friday one of my friends was at their game and they also said he looks jacked compared to last high school season. He’s out of shape because he has come off a recent knee injury but he’s a lot more aggressive from beginning to end and he doesn’t take nearly as many plays off as last year. The one reason I am still slightly skeptical is because he hasn’t played anyone who can physically compete with him. Luke Hyde from Dewitt was the closest but he got bossed by Johns. So far signs are extremely promising


My buddy sent me these. Keep in mind, this kid is best friends with Johns. He was not hating on him!


I can’t imagine how competitive practice will be next year…should be a battle everyday from 1-4!


Some highlights from the game. I’m sure full game some highlights will come out real soon and if so I’ll put those in this thread as well.