2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


Locke, Poole, Iggy would be one of the most diverse scoring/shooting wing combos we have ever had.


Yeah, that’s a very odd comparison. His game seems far more like Wagner’s to me.


That’s 4 centers unless Currie doesn’t reclassify or if he goes to Prep School which you would have to think is still at least a possibility.




Dylan would it be fair to say that he has significant spot-up 3 point shooting/drive off closeout upside (closer to DJ’s role in the Beilein offense than Mo’s) or is that over-hyping?


Hit on this in the write up… He shows some of that in high school, but I tend to think that EYBL film is more telling. I see him as a really coordinated roll man who can develop a pick and pop shot, but it isn’t like he’s Moritz Wagner with the ball.



If he doesn’t come it would be a huge disappointment. If he went to Illinois it would make the Currie decommitment very unfortunate


I went back and read his comments after his Illinois trip, which was a month ago. He was positive but not really excited. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t pick Michigan.


That article said that Castleton has no timetable… i thought that he was supposed to announce this week or next. Am i remembering wrong?


Same guy on Twitter doing the Nunez announcement had said that he’s doing Castleton this week.


I’m probably missing something, but why do these players let this guy announce their commitments?


Some more Castleton highlights.


His shooting stroke is sweeter than I had remembered… excited for him to go Blue this week!


Pretty awesome run down of his visit:


Way to go Yaklich


Cool read. He sounds like such a good fit for how we play and what we need going forward. Would be a great surprise pickup if we can pull it off.



Yep, Colin told me he was still on to announce this week sometime ‘soon.’ Sounds like that means Weds or Thurs.