2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


Is this the classic beilein swoop in late and get a quick commitment?

Seems like it. Other schools have been on him for a while, to to get an OV this late seems especially promising.

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Feels like it.

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News on Colin Castleton. Seems like a major Florida lean

Excuse my ignorance, but how does this impact Michigan’s recruiting? I see his mention of Michigan, but I haven’t heard any other information linking him as a serious UM target? I guess I’m wondering – with Johns & Currie committed – if there’s any scenario under which he’s a legitimate take for 2018? Or is there a domino effect I’m missing?

Great question. He had a really good July. Could be there in case some attrition happens.

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I’m with you. Unless we get some attrition, I don’t see where he would fit.

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Would absolutely love this kid.

Would be really nice to have Castleton. Looks like a flat out better player than guys like Teske and Currie. I know I’m getting ahead of things, but it’d be nice to have a big that looks so mobile and smooth.


Haven’t been following much recruiting recently so could someone explain to me how Castleton fits in the same class as Currie? Seems like JB is after him heavy although guessing we are a longshot.

Staff has to think there will be attrition within the team. I have ZERO background info on who it would be but I have to think Teske would be the main threat to leave after the comments about Davis this offseason.


Just my opinion but I doubt it. Teske showed real promise in my opinion.

In what? His 20 total minutes of playing time?

I know it’s early yet, but you can put me on the record as saying he won’t be a major contributor for us at any point.

Just think he’s too passive … not a great trait for a center.

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In theory, at least:
a) if Wagner leaves for the NBA, UM '18-19 roster will have Davis, Teske, Currie as Center options (neither Livers nor Johns would appear to be a good “small ball 5-option”)
b) if one of the 2 returning Center options (Davis or Teske) isn’t happy with his role on the team and has been discussing options w/the coaching staff, that would leave UM in jeopardy of having only 2 legit Center options for '18-19…so the staff is proactively looking at other options to give them a 3rd potential body at the 5 spot?

Again, this is a theoretical exercise and not something based in any hard knowledge. But it would not be too much of a stretch to see Teske as potentially mis-cast in a UM/Beilein system, especially if Davis has surpassed him on the depth chart this summer?

If Wagner leaves, there are three 5s on the roster, but one, Currie, is a guy they absolutely want to (and, IMO, need to) redshirt. That would leave us thin at the 5 in '18-'19, and ridiculously thin if either Teske or Davis transfers. Castleton would solve that potential problem. I still think we’re going to be full before he gets up here for a visit, but you keep recruiting until that happens. And even if we’re full, maybe he decides to wait until spring when the shape of the roster might allow us to take him.

I didn’t see anything that gave me hope for him playing a large role. Seemed nervous and unsure with the ball when he had it and slightly passive. Maybe that improves with another year in college, but based on the time we saw him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on his way out in a year or two.

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