2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


Illinois missed out on George Conduit (their backup option to Castleton). They have to do some type of decision regarding that staff, no? ILL fans are going nuts. Very well could lose Horton-Tucker to ISU too.


Sometimes SB Nation commenters can rival mlive commenters in stupidity.


Isn’t this a completely new staff, top to bottom?


I think he’s referring to Underwood’s link to Lamar Evans.


I guess that’s how long it’ll take to make an announcement video picking Michigan :slight_smile:


Evans was accused of taking bribes to steer their potential NBA players to a financial adviser. If that’s all he did, it wouldn’t involve Underwood in NCAA violations.


Not saying that Underwood is necessarily in trouble, but the cloud is going to follow him for a while until the Evans’s trial is over. Evans and Underwood had a long history together all the way back to Kansas State and South Carolina. From 2008-2013, both were in Frank Martin’s staff. I assume that they are very close.


These are mostly the same as the ones posted the other day (which appear to have been taken down), but some footage from adidas events in July.


How confident are you that he will pick the good guys, compared to your confidence in Nunez’s decision?


Not Dylan, but I’m confident that he HAS picked Michigan and it’s just a matter of announcing it.


I think his response to me about Nunez would also apply here…


I think if people are willing to read into Dylan’s willingness to post scouting video and in Colin’s case repost it/post more around the visit, we can get a sense of what Dylan’s confidence is between Nunez AND Castleton.


I’d put the odds a 1-9 or so that he picks UM. The only factor in Illinois’ favor is roster, which sucks. I get the sense that Beilein-CC was love at first sight. In addition, Underwood is pretty much unproven at this level. He inherited stacked rosters at SFA (3 yrs) and OK St (1yr) and hasn’t proven s* recruiting-wise in the B1G. Who are you going to play with CC?

He did coach that bearded guy though.


I agree with you, it could make recruiting harder, but I don’t think that will be relevant to recruits like Castleton who have Illinois in their final group. He’s invested enough into choosing Illinois that he shouldn’t be scared off by the little that’s out there.

I do wonder why Evans didn’t follow Underwood to Illinois.


Haha that bearded guy was excellent in the tourney a couple years ago


Just saw a tweet by john henschke castleton commited to michigan




Geez Dylan, you wrote that article fast. It’s like you knew that he was going to commit…



Now you have to update the topic thread to COMMIT :grinning:

(nice - done!)