2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


Why did we reclassify Currie if we want CC? Doesn’t make much sense. This class could be huge… Dejulius, wing shooter, Johns, Iggy, Currie, plus Castleton?


And what would happen if Barrett wanted to join?


It’d sure be nice if Currie went back to '19. Unlikely tho


If currie redshirts as expected does it use a scholarship?


Honestly, it feels like we are going to have several very worthy players trying to break our doors down in the very near future. I am very curious to see who is going to get in first.


Beilein discovered CC only after Currie reclassified, but CC’s game is too good to be passed.

I think that Beilein is willing to go 6 in this class. My bet is that Locke will decide this week before Barrett’s visit.
Barrett is still a long shot but he will visit/decide before CC. We are Barrett’s last visit, and it is next week.


Trying to figure out how these numbers are going to work. Are there 2 left (e.g. 1) Castleton/Locke/Ahrens, 2) RJ) or 3 left (e.g. 1) Castleton, 2) Locke/Ahrens, 3) RJ)?


first 2 of
a. CC
b. Barrett
c. Locke/Ahrens/(possibly Nuetz)

but CC’s timeline is behind Barrett.


Yes, redshirts count against scholarship limits.


if Barrett wants to go blue you find a way to make it happen.


My understanding is we technically have all of our scholarships filled with the Iggy commitment.

It would be reasonable to oversign of course because we might assume some combination of: 1) Wagner will be heading to the NBA. 2) Some of our players feeling like they are so far down the depth chart that they will not play–so they choose to leave. 3) Currie re-reclassifies.

With the quality of some of our recent recruits combined with the potential signing of some of these completely awesome targets-- I think scenario 2 (and scenario 3 for similar reasons) is a very reasonable conclusion for some of our (otherwise very good) players to reach.

This is just my hunch, but I think JB would be willing to oversign by two if CC or Barrett is one of the two in the mix. Oversigning by one with any of the other high level targets/ offers is a no brainer, I think.


Ok thank you


agree with @gtfomycourt


I agree I feel like that may have been premature with how this class is shaping up.


I don’t see it unless Currie reclassifies and we’re talking one over again. Beilein has never done that, and I don’t think it will happen this time. As excited as I am by the prospect of getting multiple very good players, Beilein builds his teams on chemistry, and the prospect of wrecking that by instituting “Spring Creaning” on a multiple player scale is something to take into account. Maybe they’ve spoken to Currie about this possibility and he’s going back to '19 or to prep school if necessary, but if not, I think we’re taking one more.


I wonder what happened to Florida… thought he was a lock there… this is getting very interesting


You might be right. In my mind it all depends on the conversations and agreements JB has had. I am assuming a high level of transparency between JB and the players. There is no way that JB oversigns without individual players knowing exactly what an individual over signing might mean for particular individuals–and within previously agreed upon hypothetical circumstances and responses…

Additionally, JB probably has a pretty good idea if Wagner AND Matthews (?) are going to be ready for the pros. JB probably has a good idea how Currie will respond to this development. JB probably has a good idea how our other older wings will feel when/if JB predicts that Johns and Iggy will be playing ahead of them…


They have two sophomore big men who will be getting lots of minutes in the next two years.


I like how serious things got with UM so quickly. It seems like he is reacting to last spot presure. Clearer path to PT at Illinois though, no?


He sure will have immediate playing time at Illinois. But their team isn’t nearly as good as ours. And IF Wagner leaves, he is probably our starting center. Only Davis would be in his way IMO.