2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


After watching a little video on this kid, he kind of reminds me of a poor-man’s Cody Zeller. He’s got some perimeter skills and good length, pretty good athlete.


Haven’t watched any film, is it possible we’re looking for a ‘rim protector’ here?


He looks like a multifaceted big with some serious all around potential to me. He is going to block some shots but so much more (potentially)…He is coordinated, fluid, agile and a good athlete.

My questions about him are: What is his wingspan and standing reach? Because he looks shorter than listed at 6’10". I want to know if he shows potential as a shooter…

Curious what you think after watching his video.


Length seems above average. Blocks and dunks with ease.


Forgive me if this is a lazy comparison, but Castleton reminds me of a less-athletic Stephen Zimmerman from a few years back.


The only video i can find is the summer prior to his junior year, i assume that he plays much better this summer. had some ability to make mid-range, has some post moves, does not run the floor that well but look to block and dunk. Kind of average between Donnal and Teske.




First time I’ve watched film on him. He moves like he’s a 6’7" HS big. So, if he’s 6’10, like he’s listed, then he’s a definite go from my end. His shot looks smooth, his inside game is fluid. He’s a decent enough athlete.

He reminds of someone but the name isn’t coming to me right now, so the Stephen Zimmerman comparison is stuck in my head. He’s moves more fluid than Zimmerman. Zimmerman always came across to me as a finished product. I don’t think Castleton is a finished product. He clearly can put on weight and makes for a Pittsnogle-ish 5 in Beilein’s offense. Hell, a comparison to Mo Wagner is a decent one as well.


This is a lot more impressive than the other video I watched. I can see why Beilein is putting a late push on this kid. He has range and can put ball on the floor, has perimeter skills similar to Wagner but protects the rim as well.


Wow. He shows really well in that hudl video. I stopped watching it after 8 minutes. I am 100 percent sold. How is this kid not considered a top 50 recruit? He seems very comfortable shooting 3’s and he even takes a few guards off the dribble.


I love his game. Very similar to Mo offensively, but more of a shot blocker. Once he develops more muscle, look out.


This all raises the question of how they want to distribute scholarships among the positions. If we take CC then we’ll have 4 bigs on the roster in 2018. Do they want to play with 2 bigs ala Wagner/Wilson? If so then the remaining '18 scholarship seems like it would need to go to a 2/3, someone with some versatility like Iggy. Not so much Locke, who seems more like a 2. It seems like the next commit will have ramifications for which outstanding offers remain committable. CC + Iggy or Barrett makes sense. Locke + Iggy/Barrett works. Locke + CC not so much. The common denominator is the need for a wing.


If we were to get Locke and CC, then I would guess that Ibi could just move to play mostly the 3. But I agree, it would be nice to get a wing


It’s possible, especially in light of a comment that Beilein made recently (I can’t remember it specifically, but I remember the gist), that they think of Poole as a wing, not just as a guard.


I rarely watch hs videos. I get enough of that level as a teacher/coach


I think that Beilein sees CC as the 6th member of the class. He is certainly working to get a wing, e.g. Nunez, TDT besides Iggy.



No “dream school” to be found…


WOW, this is moving so fast!

not sure if Locke will wait long. Convinced that Beilein will take 6 for class 2018.


What happened to Florida?