2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


Really tough to be a starting freshmen center. 5* excluded.


Watch the video already :slight_smile:


He is better right now than Davis. Probably not rebounding or strength but better shooter, dribbler, shot blocker and passer.


How do you know that?


I would be confident in saying Davis would manhandle Castleton at this juncture. The overweight, stiff version of Austin Davis does not exist anymore.


I hope that this is true but I see Davis as J-Mo 2.0 and CC as Wagner 2.0, very different players.


Yea I’m wondering about the Currie reclassification as well. It now Seems a little premature unless the staff feels certain there will be more attrition next year then we expect as fans.

I’m also wondering if the Currrie reclass was conditional on their being room and he would go back to being a 19 kid if needed.


CC seems to know what is going on in both programs. While he can see himself in Mo Wagner’s shoes playing for John Beilein, he can shine in Underwood’s high post four-out spread offense (similar to what Altman runs in Oregon) as well.


I have no idea about Davis but I do assume he is locked in as a 5. CC, in my mind is very much like Wagner, but with more all around upside on perimeter defense and with instant ability to play the 4 (something Wagner has not been able to do). CC is insanely underrated, IMO.


I’ve seen references to Castleton playing the four, but what evidence is there of his perimeter skills?


Hudl video supplied by Bebopson is very encouraging in that regard. All of the other videos of CC seem to focus almost exclusively on around the basket. The hudl video was eye opening for me. Plus, I tend to agree that he is (for now) too skinny to play 5 right away.


Working on a post about remaining targets, fit, etc., but Castleton is a rim protecting five. Don’t see him beating out Johns or Iggy for minutes at the four given how versatile they both are.


I am not making an argument for one player beating another out but Versatility works both ways. Johns and Iggy can slide around if need be because they are so versatile. I am rejecting the argument that CC should be considered a too skinny right now guy who can only play 5, I like the comparison of Wagner offensively but I am speculating that he is more in the direction of DJ (falling short though) with regard to ability to guard opposing 4’s. The kid moves very well!


There’s also the question of how Currie feels about being recruited over. His preference may be to not stay in the same recruiting class as CC even if Beilein finds the room for both of them.


Michigan is his only reported offer. Idk where he’d go


If Davis and/or Teske step up, and we take Castleton, Currie reclassifying would be a mistake. For his own best interests he should prep or stay in the '19 class.


Only because he committed so early


Weird karma the we are going down to the wire for CC against the coach we faced in the tournament. At the same time, losing a recruit to Illinois just sounds ludicrous.



Breaking: I will be announcing 2018 Colin Castleton’s college choice sometime next week or weekend.

#Michigan #Illinois


I’m thinking if we are only taking one more, he is going to beat Locke to the punch