2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


I think that’s premature. If a few minutes as a freshman told a clear story, D.J. Wilson never would have amounted to much.


I believe Teske will prove to be a very worthwhile project. A true 7 footer with his agility is rare combination. It is just my opinion, and ultimately it is up to the individual players, and it is always possible we recruit a better center, but I suspect Michigan will try to keep him around. I will put it this way, although I don’t like to speculate about attrition on a public forum, Teske is not the first or second player I think of when I think about possible future attrition.


Definitely premature, but I’m just going off of what I’ve seen so far.


The mystery to me is the reclassification of Currie at this time. Seems this situation could have played out and decided during the Spring. Especially when it looks like he needs a red shirt.


Any chance CC could be a stretch 4? I know I sound like a broken record, but I really want Michigan to become Stretch Four U.


People don’t want to believe it but Matthews and Wagner could easily be gone after this year

Getting commitments from even 3 of Ignas, Locke, THT, or Castleton would be pretty amazing and would make this class pretty special.


I think most people accept Wagner may be gone, but Matthews we have to see with our own eyes.


I believe Wagner will be gone, and I am sure Matthews plans on being gone as well. He has to make it happen on the floor first


We’re offering like we have 8-10 scholarship openings…Beilein has gone insane.


This all goes back to the Tyus Battle drama. Seems like Beilein learned he has to play through the whistle, as it were.


I wonder about the possibilities of CC being a future 4 as well. Anybody have any insight into this? Can he shoot at all? I watched a video and he seemed to finish around the rim mostly…At any rate CC seems very impressive…


I love it! JB seems to be broadening the recruiting base quite a bit and making sure we are well covered if we miss out on our top targets. Its a good and necessary adjustment by JB and the staff to past recruiting missteps.


How long have you been watching D1 centers develope over their playing careers?


I think it was in his hudl highlights that it showed him shooting from outside with good form. And he did a good amount of driving in and finishing, not just post moves. He could probably play the 4, I thought he looked very impressive.


I have been wondering if they might see Currie as a future 4.


Yeah, his no nonsense drives from the perimeter were awesome! If this kid can shoot, or learn to shoot decently then he could be amazing for us.



It’s going to be an eventful couple of weeks ahead!


Interesting visit weekend with him, Barrett and Nunez! We will see if this class finishes like we have expected for awhile or if one of these new guys becomes a surprise in the class


So with everything moving so fast with this have to think he gets an offer next weekend, right?