2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


He’s rather criminally underrated IMO


You think castleton is? Where should he be and why? He’s ranked 80 by 247.


He’s 131 overall.


I think that’s composite…


Yeah, it is. That’s why I’m saying he’s criminally underrated.


Ok gotcha. I’m not even 100% sure which sites make up the composite but espn has him ranked very low. Makes no sense. Not many 7 footers can do the things he can.


Next year will be great, but a backcourt of senior Teske and Sophomore Castleton? Sign me up.

edit: whoops


Sign me up for Teske at point guard!


I don’t know…think I’d prefer Castleton at the 1 and Teske at the 2.


Lmao that’s good. Obviously meant front court.


At this point I think it’s just 247 (ranked 81 4 star), ESPN (ranked generic 3 star), Rivals (Ranked 127th 4 star)

ESPN rankings should probably just be pulled out or they should retire the composite. ESPN’s dramatic scaling back of their recruiting coverage really limits their value and Scout being absorbed by 247 reduces the value of the composite as well. 247 and Rivals are really all that’s left that’s worth looking at and having a composite for two meaningful services is kind of strange.


Colin Castleton vs Foster Loyer is the real matchup to watch down the road


doesn’t Teske still have 2 years left? he redshirted his freshman year


No, he played last year a fair amount.


Yes he should have two years left he’s only been here two years. He didn’t redshirt though he’s a '16 recruit and played last year.


Two years of Teske and 3 years of Davis left.


This could be the last year of Davis…


i don’t see it. he already took a redshirt year, more
reasonable is to stick another year trying to get his degree then graduate transfer with two year eligibility left.


It could be the last year for anyone.