2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


North Carolina, who we play this year. Should be a good test.


I don’t think you can write off CC as not having potential at the 4. He will likely start at the 5, but where might he be 4 or 5 years down the road? He already has good mobility and an outside shot. If CC red shirts his first year, by his fifth year, Livers, Johns and Iggy will all likely be gone. What will the roster look like at that point and what will our needs be.


I’ll be shocked if Castleton redshirts.


I would tend to agree. 2-3 years at camp Sanderson, and as he continues to develop his game. Especially against certain matchups. Say what you want, but Beillein, has shown willingness to be creative and flexible. Kind of like saying Walton and Simpson couldn’t be on the floor at the same time, but they were on occasion.


Theo Pinson is the 4 this year. Basically GR3 size wise. Still a unique challenge though, as he’s the best playmaker on the team passing wise.


When we played Purdue, did we ever use a two big front? I don’t think so but I have a bad memory.

I think Mo moves well for his size, and still can’t keep from fouling guys on the perimeter.
Castleton seems very mobile for a 5 but not agile enough to play a 4. I just don’t see him chasing guys around the perimeter and with how much pick-n-roll/pop teams play to find mismatches, I don’t see it happening. Just my 2 cents.


Purdue I think started too Bigs we had Wagner and Wilson. Purdue had all kinds of trouble with our bigs quickness and went to one big and a smaller 4. Teams like North Carolina will at times try to over power you with size which may cause an adjustment but match-ups go both ways. All that being said I see CC as a 5 unless there is some serious foul trouble a couple years down the road.


Well our starting 4 was 6’10" lol


…oh yeah haha I keep forgetting we had DJ


The way that game went against Purdue though, and really down the stretch last year, was that DJ and Moe played mostly at the 5 because Michigan was spreading teams out. For example, DJ and Moe played a combined 53 minutes in Purdue game… that means they shared the court for about 8.


I remember Beilein commenting after the Kentucky game a few years ago that we just couldn’t match their size. Since then, he seems to be on a mission to stock pile guys 6’10"and taller. Not that he intends to play two at a time all of the time, but he wants to have that ability.


Agree with this totally.


Stop with the Kentucky talk. I’ll be having Marcus Lee dunk’s torturing me all night now.


Kentucky blows.


I don’t know that neither Davis or Teske will be able to hit 3’s two season’s from now. Maybe one or both will have that in their arsenal. I’m not counting on it but I wouldn’t be surprised either.


In my mind, there are very little doubt that Colin will play 5 most of his college carrier, especially given a roster with Livers, Johns, Iggy. We are more likely to see Johns playing 5 before CC at 4.


Castleton looking good early, some fresh video in here.