2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


Mo 2.0. Is 7A small schools in Florida?


From what I can tell 7A is the 2nd largest.


Yes, second largest with schools having enrollments of up to about 2300-2400 students. Many (most)of these schools would be Class A schools in Michigan. Father Lopez itself, however, is not that big with an enrollment of less than 500 students, I believe. I wonder if they opted up to 7A.


Whoops, just went to FHSAA website and it looks like they have nine divisions in basketball, so Father Lopez is probably the third largest division.


Is it an all boys school? If so an enrollment of around 500 would put it at 1000 I would assume. If they’re in the 3rd largest class with a 1000 kids that probably makes sense. In Michigan Class A is now just under 900 kids and up. I would think a school of 500 in Florida would be pretty small unless it was an all boys or girls school. If it is a coed school then they would appear to be playing way up in classes.


I just went on their website and they have pictures of both boys and girls and their dress code includes appropriate dress for girls, so it does seem to be a coed school. I actually called the school a few minutes ago and got a message machine. I was going to ask if they played up a classification or even two classifications.


They probably allow or even force some private schools to play up. That’s how it in in Georgia now since the private schools would crush the little Southern Ga public schools.


I am so glad we stole him from Illinois. Watching him fun fast breaks like McGary with the added bonus that he’s crossing over dudes a foot smaller than him is fantastic.


Spoke with the AD. They moved up three classifications from 4A to 7A. They did it more for geography than anything but felt they were very competitive in 7A. He was very effusive in his praise of Colin, and of Michigan and JB and Coach Yak as well. He mentioned that he told Coach Yak he thought Colin was a Moe clone in many ways, personality, too.


Wow. These are my first extended looks at Castleton. He has everything you need in a big except maybe another 30 pounds of muscle. I no longer think he is a redshirt candidate. What would be the point, he isn’t going to stick around for 5 years. Might as well throw him out there and get some live experience. I’m excited even more for next year.


Yeah, I don’t think it is hard to envision him beating out Davis. On the other hand, Florida competition isn’t always all that great depending on where you are. He also just isn’t that big (pounds not height) which can make it hard to play in the Big Ten. I’m also just not high on redshirting anyone.


Teske/Castleton feels a little Haas/Haarms to me in theory. Although I think both Teske and Castleton will end up being a lot more versatile as offensive threats than the Purdue duo was this season


Just in that they are both tall? I don’t really see either of them growing into a Haas-style post-up scorer (and the offense doesn’t really lead to that anyway).

Big question is how Castleton’s ball skills transfer to the next level. He has showed them in HS and on adidas circuit, but his EYBL team didn’t let him do any of that stuff. If he can handle it, he can add at least some of what Michigan will lose with Moe.


Harms isn’t all that big and he was decent this year. Colin wouldn’t be playing starter minutes so he doesn’t have to bang down low all day long. As for competition, a lot of what I saw him doing was regardless of competition level (ball handling, out side shooting, aggressiveness, passing, running the court, etc.). And he has a personality, too?


Yeah, you don’t have to sell me on Castleton. He’s one of the players in the class that is most intriguing for next year IMO. He can also block shots, a lot of em.


Love the old school soundtrack!

Does Castleton seem longer than MO? Even with the very long neck Castleton seems to have a good standing reach and wingspan whereas Mo seems to be below average (by basketball player standards) in those areas.

Castleton, in my opinion, checks all boxes except for strength and motor. Kid is going to work out for a year and be an absolute beast.


I would pay to watch our next season projected starters play a 20 minute scrimmage against the incoming freshmen. I would bet on the vets, but it would be fun to watch. Can you imagine the 1, 3, 4 and 5s guarding each other and then Poole and Nunez tossing bombs over each other. I can dream.


On that one dunk when he was hanging on the front of the rim, it looked like his feet were only about 6 inches off the ground. Made me laugh.


@umhoops obviously Teske isn’t the immovable force Haas became, but they are both big presences that alter games just by being on the floor, despite neither being prolific shot-blockers. Teske averaged 2.1 blocks per 40 minutes and Haas was 2.2 blocks per 40. I think one more off season will result in a much more offensively refined Teske and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him become a reliable post scorer. I don’t have stats to back it up, but it always felt like our guards and wings looked to feed Teske in the post even more than they did Moe when he was on the block. I could see that continuing when he becomes the starter.

Haarms on the other hand was a monster shot blocker, averaging 5.0 per 40, despite being pretty raw this past season. You can tell he has the potential to be an extremely versatile offensive player. He attempted 7 threes as a freshman and nearly matched the number of assists Haas had despite playing almost 200 less minutes on the year. I think Castleton’s tape shows that versatility as well.


Haha. It is crazy. At first I was questioning whether or not he is actually shorter than 6’11 because he just so fluid and graceful. His 3 point shot is beautiful. Then, on his dunks, he actually seems like a long 7 footer. The jump hook. The Dirk step back. The deep three point shots. The ball handling skills. Elite stuff.

Happy to have the opportunity to watch this kid develop…

The next few years are guaranteed to be interesting!!