2018/2019 - Big - Taylor Currie (Wisconsin Commit)



Interesting statement “I have learned more about the recruiting process and what factors should play into a decision”


Well, I hope this works out best for everyone. Which, from Michigan’s standpoint means…I hope we get Castleton! And I hope Taylor ends up in the best spot for him.


I hope Taylor Currie finds a school he likes. Seems better to find a good situation now than to rethink things a couple years into his time at Michigan.

Wonder if 2019’s still on the table if he blows off some steam and rethinks things.


wonder if he is going back to 2019 or stay in 2018. t


His statement says either, but Brian Snow seems to think he’ll stay in 2018. We’ll try to follow up with him.


I am not liking this as it sounds a little sleazy. Since he says that Michigan was a childhood dream, I think it would take a lot to get him to decommitt. Did Beilein tell him that he had zero chance of ever starting? This just doesn’t feel right.

Of course, Colin Castleton is a better prospect, so I’m not upset if he signs with us, which is what I expect.


There’s no way that’s what Beilein said, but it definitely could have been a conversation about re-re-classifying to 2019 and he may have had zero interest in that, especially reading between the lines with Castleton visiting


Or he sees himself as a power forward at the next level and sees Brandon Johns, Ignas Brazdeikis and Isaiah Livers all there and the potential for Michigan to bring in Castleton at the five and thinks he needs to look at other options? Or it tends to be a little too early in the process to commit on June 15th after your sophomore year and then decide to skip your senior year 2 weeks later?

There’s a lot to learn along the way and it is all part of the process.


My guess, and it’s strictly a guess. is that he thought that committing and reclassifying meant that we wouldn’t recruit another kid at his position in '18. When we did, he felt betrayed. I think there was a misunderstanding, which often occurs when you’re dealing with 16 year old kids–Beilein’s reputation and actions throughout his coaching career are too good to think he acted in a sleazy manner.


As I said in the AMA earlier as well, the reclassification to 2018 never really made a lot of sense to me. Especially with the talk of him coming in to redshirt for a season anyway.


I’ll buy the angle that he could possibly have been asked to consider going back to 2019, but if he really thought we might not recruit anyone else at his position in 2018, then that’s on him. And Beilein doesn’t seem like the type to make those types of guarantees I don’t believe.


It didn’t look like we were going to take another big in this class until very recently. I have a hard time seeing Beilein giving him any guarantees, but Currie might still have had a reasonable expectation that he would be the only one.


Word on mgoblog is that he reclassified after committing; that the coaches just asked him to classify back to '19. That would nuance things a little, if confirmed, since reclassifying obviously messed with their flexibility.


He reclassified to 2018 because he is ahead of schedule academically and was excited to join the 18 class. He broached the subject with Beilein. Google it.


Is this the first guy JB has kind of recruited over? Didn’t think it would happen cause the kid was such a Michigan fan and jumped at the offer. In the end hope somehow hope we end up with him in 19, will probably end up in the big ten otherwise.


I’m sure he told Beilein–was not trying to imply he didn’t (or that I know much more about it). Just wondering whether the reclassification came as a surprise or leaves some grey area in which his decommit becomes somewhat less coercive or coerced-looking. There is also a feasible scenario in which a guy like that is less and less likely to see PT and the coaches explain that to him and his parents, especially given the reclassification, etc. At that point being honest with the kid could arguably become the RIGHT thing to do.


Brian Snow said he’ll “have more info tonight” FWIW. I’ll let y’all know if I see it pop up.


I’m thinking that with the timing of the statement (Friday night after decommitting in the morning)… Curie might be tough to reach, but we’ll try.


I think every scenario you’re describing adds up to being recruited over. Iggy, Livers and Johns all play the 3/4 in Michigan’s offense, some 2 for Iggy as well. Then they’re going hard after Castleton, who plays the other position Currie could potentially slide over to. He got squeezed out, that’s all. Coaches are going to go get the best players they can all day every day. Perhaps Currie was a little naive about this fact of life. I would be interested to know what the conversation was like when he reclassified to 2018, more so than today’s.