2018/2019 - Big - Taylor Currie (Wisconsin Commit)


This would appear to be good news.

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@umhoops Do you think he has an impact/connections on any other targets?

In what sense? I don’t think he takes anyone’s spot or anything if that’s what you mean.

I think he meant being friends or teammates with other targets.


One teammate has already committed to MSU.

Need to look at the scouting videos, but would he compare more closely to Wagner (yes please) or Donnal?

Looked a lot like high school Donnal to me on tape.

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Really tough evaluating what a 16 year old big man is going to look like in a couple years. He doesn’t have the kind of skill that Wagner has (not sure at that age what Moe looked like, but I assume more of a wing or wannabe wing), but he’s also probably a far more fundamental big man and a better rebounder than Moe was at that age.

I think he can play in the pick and pop. That doesn’t mean that he’s going to be rattling off behind the back dribbles like Wagner in the pick and pop.


You have to remember, these are sophomore year highlights. (And as for Donnal, he had some pretty good highlights – he was 86 on the 247 composite, remember.)

I think this is a very good early pickup. Currie has range and size (and may still be growing) and looks like he has good hands and can finish with both of them to go along with a decent feel in the post. I wouldn’t count on an immediate impact, but there’s a lot of upside for him. Especially getting a commit from a fan/Michigan kid this early.

We have been in need of a big man, particularly if Mo takes off in a year. This seems like a good get. He’s got a couple of years to put on pounds, and maybe, he grows an inch or two.

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Yeah, he plays on the same HS team (and AAU program, but not team) as Foster Loyer (2018 MSU).

Seems he’s more athletic than Mo and especially more athletic than Donnal. Nice pickup made even better if he grows a couple of inches still.

Great pickup! I like getting early commits from Michigan like Dave and Currie (even though he just moved in).

Gives the staff time to look at their other options and focus in their recruiting more. Gives some momentum. And we really need that future big so I’m glad we found one nearby!

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The kid is very light on his feet and runs the floor well. I also think he’s more competitive than Mark.

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Looks like a nice pickup. Hard to say how he will develop but he clearly has a nice skill level. He needs to get a lot stronger especially in his base but he’s still very young. I didn’t see any pick and rolls in the highlight videos so I would like to see how he handles that as that is a staple for the 5 man under Beilein.

Another thought in watching those tapes is man can Foster Loyer pass. He has unbelievable court vision. That’s the first time I ever really watched him and the videos didn’t show him shooting but he’s a hell of a passer based on those clips.

Foster reminds me of healthy spike in a good way

Far further along then where Donnal was in HS. More mobile, better ball skills & while Currie isn’t an athlete, he’s far more athletic then Donnal, imo. Much better motor.

I like him as a 5 @ UM after he fills out and could still grow 1-2 more inches. Good get.

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Congrats on Currie. Great kid from a supportive, humble family. I saw Taylor at the Peach Jam last summer. He’ll look good in UM colors. Inside/outside talent. Boards. Points. Moves well. Shoots well.

Taylor also knows Central Ohio HS players from his family’s years spent in Columbus. Could make a difference, especially with a kid like Jeremiah Keene out of Columbus. Both player’s fathers are involved with the AAU program and travel together. Jason Currie has said how close they have become during those trips.

Not sure how Jeremiah will turn out but he’s a young man to keep an eye on.


I meant what Wolverheel said [quote=“wolverheel, post:5, topic:2737, full:true”]
I think he meant being friends or teammates with other targets

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