2018/2019 - Big - Taylor Currie (Wisconsin Commit)


In the past, under Beilein, it was pretty clear cut and obvious which players were at the top of the roster and which players were destined to be practice players. We are now assembling real depth. At least some very good players seem willing to come here even if immediate playing time is not a foregone conclusion for them. Hell, with the way things are going I think it is possible that some really good players could not see much playing time for a couple of years. I think some of us fans, myself included, will experience some adjustment period as we feel our way through the ethics of a new scenario…As long as the coaches approach the expectations and predicted lineups with transparency, then it will all work out in the end for the team and the players. This might be the best thing for Currie. Another player might transfer out and that might be the right thing for him…This kind of depth and the new considerations that depth brings is just a new experience for us as fans…


I could be the only one, but I worry that it might not be quite as much fun when we are no longer overcoming such monumental odds. Seriously. I know some fans just want to win, or to beat the spread. But to me that removes the drama. I like winning as the underdog, broken-hearted when we lose, secure in the moral superiority and canny cleverness of our coaching when we win.


I think we’re a ways away from that still lol. Once we get on a conference championship streak like Kansas maybe I’ll feel that way… but probably not


Yeah, it does seem like the reclassifying thing might’ve hashed stuff up, but not in a way that indicates Beilein did anything untoward. Beilein offered him as a '19. Currie committed. Then Currie considered reclassifying and got excited about coming to UM a year early. JB thought it “was great,” but I bet he also had some cautionary language that Currie wasn’t paying much attention to. Currie decides to do it and gets excited. JB sees the options working out and realizes it’s better for UM to have Currie as a '19. Currie now doesn’t want to reclassify back and also sees the possibility of Castleton being a year ahead, not to mention the PFs. There you have it…

"Currie said he and Beilein broached the possibility of reclassifying after Currie pledged his original commitment. They explored the option and realized that it was feasible.

“I knew it was a possibility, but we weren’t sure,” he said.

Ultimately, Currie choose to bypass a fourth year of high school “because the possibility of coming in early and getting a head start on my development was too much to pass up.”

Beilein, according to Currie, thought the option of reclassifying “was great.”"


We also have to consider the fact that Currie was a Jeff Meyer recruit. You have to give the new guy Yaklich every opportunity to make his mark and earn his bonus.

I bet Meyer and Currie will be talking.


Yea I’m with Dylan in thinking the reclamation didn’t make much sense at the time. It seemed like a rushed decision and one that didn’t really help Michigan. In any event, if we land CC he will be in much better position to help us in 2018.


Not Snow, but Sam Webb had some more info on Scout today.


Currie’s 2019 offer is very much still on the table if he wants it. It was NOT Michigan’s idea for him to reclassify. Says Michigan is honoring their original offer of being in that class, not “processing” him.


That’s pretty much what I assumed had happened. Curie wants to be a 2018 kid but we recruited him as a 2019. We probably said ok to 2019 originally but it was contingent upon space being available which no longer looks to be the case. I’m totally fine with how the staff has handled this.


If we take CC and Nunez for 2018, that will also fill us up for 2019. Maybe he doesn’t want to wait to see if there is any attrition to open up a spot.


Well this just seems too logical…


Just what we need. A Wisky big man with a Michigan chip on his shoulder. That should work out well for us.


No need fore a chip, as far as we know, he still has a UM offer for 2019.


Him being a handful for us at Wisconsin for 4 years is exactly how I’ve seen this going down from the moment he wasn’t in '18. Now, I’ve read enough that I don’t think we did much, if anything, wrong with how we handled this, but a kid is going to perceive it very differently. Wishing he’d end up somewhere more like Butler…



for 2018 class?


All of his retweets say 2018.


Seems like haircut destiny.



You know this guy’s going to be a pain in our ass for about 4 years after a redshirt.


Yes, unfortunately Wisconsin seems to be able to keep all of their top quality guys for 4 years, without much if any worry of their leaving early, while ours bolt at the first hint of possibly being drafted.


Castleton and Currie will be obvious benchmarks for each other (at least for UM fans and probably Currie), but it will be even more so if he stays in the Big Ten.