2018/2019 - Big - Taylor Currie (Wisconsin Commit)


He looks like a Wisconsin big man to me. Which is fine by me.



New Rivals ranking has him at #91. One of only 5 in the top 100 committed. Not a bad start to the class.



Hey, the kid is running through a wall to play for Michigan and we know John Beilein loves that.


Pretty much anyone willing to commit this early is running through a wall to play I’d say, but yes. Any time you can start a class with a top-100 big man this early in the game, it is a nice benefit.


I was hoping for more yo-yo relationship drama. /sarcasm


Currie is a nice get. I’m happy for him to wrap up a scholarship to M with 2 years of HS ball left to play.
Thing I liked best about his game was the touch on the funny looking hook shot he shoots from behind his ear. Looks like a weapon that will travel well at his height


This dude is pretty good too!



Are you trying to subtly tell us that Currie will be here a year early but plans on redshirting?


I believe he is. :slightly_smiling_face:


Shit, this is some interesting news. Curious. Think Tyson commits today.


Keeping with the recent Beilein tradition of bringing in additional centers every two years?


The timeline of the recent events is more than interesting. Does that imply that if Beilein favors Currie over Nance, and explains Nance’s commitment to NW.

The 2018 class is suddenly filling up fast. If Tyson pull the trigger during his visit, will Ignas follow soon?


The calculus may be…who is going to be the better player in two years? Makes a lot of sense to bring Currie in early to jump start his development.


@umhoops anything official going to hit or be said about this?


Currie has not responded to us to confirm or deny it. I assume at some point something official will be said though.




Wow!!! That’s interesting


Great news and fills a big hole. If Mo comes back for 18, he redshirts. If Mo goes pro, he will be the 3rd center. Perfecto.