2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)



Don’t EVER keep your worship under control, Coach Hay! I love it. I can see why both Coach Wright and Coach Beilein recruited Eli. He seems to be “that” kind of kid. Would I be correct in seeing Eli, eventually, as a shorter, somewhat less athletic, but better shooting version of Josh Hart. Just a great kid, with talent, who will do whatever it takes to help the team win, while always being a high character kid? Maybe reaching that level by his junior year, with glimpses of it before that time? I’m excited to see Eli in a Michigan uniform!


Good luck to Eli and congratulations on your scholarship.

All young point guards must value the ball and earn JB’s trust! See DWALTS quote!

Q. Derrick, what is the key to you guys having such a low turnover rate all year? What makes that happen?
DERRICK WALTON, JR.: Well, first and foremost, if we turn the ball over in practice, there’s a consequence. So our coach really values not turning the ball over and making sure we get the best possible shot each and every possession. I think as a team, our identity, that’s something we’ve came to means with it and making sure we get a shot every time down the floor and make sure we pass the ball to the guys on our team.

Q. What is the consequence of turning the ball over in practice?
DERRICK WALTON, JR.: It varies, running to the top of our gym or just being taken out of the drill. It’s just one of the things that we still know we don’t want to turn the ball over.


I agree with this. I think he gives us solid backup minutes at the point and maybe some at the two.


I see X being a Tum Tum Nairn Jr type of point next year. Solid defense but limited on the offensive side of the ball. The question is what will this team need more his defense or Brooks shooting?


I don’t agree. X has really good vision and passing skills. Tum Tum just seems like a guy with speed but little feel for the position.


X is an outstanding passer. His value explodes if we continue to get out in transition next year like we have these last 5-6 games.


I’d say Stauskas was a freshman standpoint. Just ask Florida.


Well, that’s because he was playing behind the national player of the year.

I think Brooks will have a nice career here, and next year as you have argued, probably 12-15 minutes a game behind Simpson.


That pass that he made that got tipped by Mahmoud was about to give him the prettiest assist of the game, in like 3 of the last 4 games. With more reps and familiarity, I think you could be right.


See you guys next season when he’s in blue!


Can’t wait to have him. Thanks for all the info!


He’s gonna like not playing against triple teams in college.

Think it’s gonna take some time for our incoming freshmen to adjust to the college game, but I’m looking forward to some massive sophomore jumps from them.


Hope he plans to get here early this summer so he can work out with the team.


From what I was told, he’s heading to Ann Arbour right after his graduation.


he will be up there June 24th.


Great to hear. That really helps freshmen bond with teammates, start learning the system and hit the weight room.


Yeah, Michigan has two summer training sessions for however many weeks. I believe all freshmen are required to be at both sessions, and then older players are only required to be at one of the two.


Seriously, your idolizing of X in this thread is nauseating. Let’s see him get more than 5 mpg before you turn him into Gary Grant. Comical.


He said one positive things about X in the entire thread. What’s the BFD? Or are you just being sarcastic because of his snarky comment to Coach Hay? Let’s try to stop the petty back and forth.


Pretty sure it was a joke that went right over your head.