2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)



We finished second in County. We finished 4th in districts. And now we’re in the top four in States. We play Sunday for the opportunity to go to the finale in Class 5A. However we’re facing the number one seed on Sunday which will be a tough contest.


You have three separate playoff tourneys? Huh?


Yes. Based on your record in counties, you qualify for districts. Based on your district performance, you qualify for states.


Good highlight film that was recently released.


Coach, all freshmen have to adjust to the game speed in D1. How big of an issue will that be for Eli?


The kid can flat out score the ball, if he can defend just a little he may just find himself starting at the PG next year.


If I said he has any speed issue, it would be lateral quickness. But that being said, he has to do so much for the team to win, he cannot devote himself to just worrying about his man alone. I think in college, with the stronger supporting cast, he won’t have an issue. He’s competes against several D1 recruits in AAU and had no issues.


Learning Beilein’s offense has always been a challenge for freshmen, especially Point Guards. Trey Burke being the outlier by a wide margin.

No offense intended to Brooks, but it is very difficult for me to see him earning the starting PG spot next season. I know Walton “started” as a freshman, but Stauskas & LeVert ran the offense. Neither MAAR nor Matthews appear to be able to play THAT role for UM next season.

The most probable/logical outcome for 2017-18 is Simpson takes the sophomore jump forward to become an average B1G caliber starting PG and hopefully Brooks is able to pick up enough of the offense that he can serve as a 10-12 min/game backup.

Down the line — as a Sophomore/Junior/Senior — is when I would expect Brooks to really impact the program on-court.


Spike is the one who seems to know from Day 1. Maybe Beilein saw the same thing in Brooks as he did in Spike.


Eli’s greatest strength is his basketball IQ. I have no doubt at all, he’ll get the offense. He may have some physical disadvantages(height, strength as possible examples), but I’d never bet against his ability to learn any offense. NEVER!


I think freshman year Spike is a fair level of expectation for Brooks next season. But you do realize that Spike only averaged 8mpg and 2.2ppg as a freshman — and 20% of his freshman year production came in the NCAA Championship game


@Coachhay Your passion in promoting this young man is bordering mythical worship.

B1G hoops can humble even the best “can’t miss” player once the realities of it set in.

By all accounts Eli is a tremendous young man and a legitimate prospect. Let’s let him hit campus and figure things out as we watch and see if his game can translate to this level.

Here’s hoping it does with flying colors.


I was just trying to keep you all informed of his season. Where did I say he’s the best player in the country? Did I say you are lucky he didn’t go to Kentucky​? I will stand behind his basketball IQ being as good as any player coming into D1 next year. I never said he’d even start. I am passionate because I know what type of young man and player you are getting. I’ll try to keep my “worship” under control if I continue to post here.


He knows Eli better than the rest of us, so he may know more about what is realistic for next year.


Don’t listen to those type of posters, they say things like that about anybody’s thoughts. Keep bringing us quality information about brooks. He’s going to be very good for us.


I appreciate the videos and insight from Coach Hay. Eli was a huge unknown for most of us. After watching all those videos it makes sense we would want Eli at Michigan.


I’m very excited to see what Brooks can bring to Ann Arbor. I think he can be a very good fit in Beilein’s system. But I also think it is very difficult for Freshman PGs to have a big impact in Beilein’s offense.

I’m not questioning Brooks’ basketball IQ or ability to learn, but we’ve heard the same things about Morris, Douglas, Burke, Stauskas, Walton, Simpson — plus others at WVU before Beilien came to UM. Burke’s the only one to star as a Freshman.

The honest truth is projecting Brooks as anything more than a 12-15min serviceable reserve PG next season is probably setting him up to be a disappointment next season ---- much like the XSimpson hype train led many to feel like Simpson has a bad season this year.


I would add some adjustment time because his competition level seems solidly below average, as well. Excited to see him here. His shot looks very good.


Way to be a Richard to the guy.


I agree with John. I appreciate all the insight Coach Hay has brought here regarding Eli. I would say this, though, if he struggles, you may want to avoid this board, Coach, as it can be brutal toward kids who are just trying to fit in and help the team win, all while going to class everyday, making grades, and being good citizens. There will be a few of us here, though, who will defend our kids and be proud of their efforts. The fact that John got six “likes” in addition to mine indicates there may be more than just a few. That’s heartening to know.