2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)



Real good story and last thing I’m gonna post regarding Eli as there’s no more games or real info to be shared…


Thanks for all the contributions Coach - coming from a small school area myself, I appreciate these articles and have really grown from highly skeptical of Brooks to highly excited!


You are all welcome. I. Now a die hard Michigan fan! I hope Eli exceeds everyone’s expectations. We’ll be following along for sure. And I will be in attendance when Michigan comes to Maryland and Rutgers for sure. And hope to get to Ann Arbor for a game.


Not Penn State?


And Penn State!



Thanks, Coachhay.
I think we are going to be seeing a lot of Eli next season.


Cool little article. Is Villanova’s basketball history better than ours? Seems like we’d both be in the second tier. In the past 500 days they definitely have us


Michigan’s history is better, but Villanova has basically been playing like a blue-blood since 2005.


Beilein must love him, he actually talked about seeing himself in Ann Arbor for four years. That’s the kind of unpacking the coach talks about.


Nice article. The comment from the bitter Nova fan is priceless.


Here is Eli playing in a tournament in Philly last night. There are 16 teams. This is game one. The team he is on is so stacked, it’s ridiculous. Lonnie Walker (Miami), Deshaun Millington, Taylor Funk (St. Joe’s), Jake Forrester, Talek Williams, Tyrese Martin, Ray Somerville, Chaz Owens( Billy Owens son) https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=tHMX2zU6jVw


nice shot, followed by pass here https://youtu.be/tHMX2zU6jVw?t=205




Crib notes?


It’s a total fluff piece, I have no clue why it’s an insider thing. Basically this is the gist:

“While there are no guarantees in life, Brooks will be entering campus with the mindset that he will be going for the starting role.
“You kind of have to have that mindset [to aim for the starting role],” Brooks said. “Even if you don’t get the starting position you just have to push the people that are in front of you. I think that’s a good mindset to have for any freshman but I think I can make a push for a starting spot. If I don’t, I will be pushing [Xavier Simpson] even harder.”
The coaches have similar plans for Brooks as well. Not only do they want him to push Xavier Simpson with competition, they want Brooks to enter U-M with the mindset that he will be in serious competition for the starting spot.”

So yeah, whoever that guy was that was adamant Brooks wasn’t a point guard is definitely wrong lol.



Was it written before we signed Simmons, because…


I forget when Simmons committed but I think it was after April when I posted that. I do like his attitude though, even if it’s not the most realistic.