2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)

Thoughts guys?

How does this effect open slots and other needs?

What was his ranking how many stars etc

Not sure on his ranking but it looks like he has offers from Ohio State, Villanova, and NC State.

Haven’t seen much footage on him.

Here’s the tweet from his AAU team.

Eli Brooks commits to University of Michigan. #GoBlue pic.twitter.com/a6NQ5xQkBG

— JerseyShoreWarriors (@JSWarriors) July 20, 2016

4* According to 247

He’s fun to watch!
Can’t tell how good he is from the little video I’ve seen, but sure to be a fan favorite.
It’ll be interesting to see how be develops physically.

Was looking up info on him and he seems to be a 3 to 4 star prospect depending on the site. Would have liked to see some of our top targets come on board first.

Updated scholarship depth chart.

Can Brooks and Simpson play together or would it be too small of a backcourt? He looks good I would have like Eastern because he brings more size and bulk but Brooks should help.

Does anyone have a scouting report? Is he pass or shoot first?

Here’s an article an vid talking about Villinova and OSU offers.

In terms of guys who aren’t ranked highly I prefer to go by their offers instead. OSU and Villanova offers are nothing to scoff at, although the NC State one kinda is (No bias or anything). Getting a commit will draw some attention to us also.

COBL with quotes from coach, dad.

Seems more shoot-first, last year averaged 25ppg and had 67 assists for the year in 29 games.

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I’m watching this game

1:55 in and he’s 2 for 3 on threes and has all 6 points so far.

That may be more by necessity than design. Not sure he has a great supporting cast

Coach Beilein showing “the love” who knew!?!?

“They just mutually started liking (each other) more and more, and (Beilein) being around and showing him that love, and how (Eli) felt when he went on the visit, how much he saw how they were really into him,” James Brooks said. "I think that’s what really turned it around.”

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when did JB offer???

He is passing looks fine. He’s really fast but looks like he needs ballscreens to create space. The announcers have mentioned his 3pt shooting several times so I’m guessing he is known to be a pretty good shooter.

Hard to get excited about an unranked guy when so many guards are still on the board. ¯_(ツ)_/¯