2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)




Thanks for posting this video. Can’t wait to see Eli in a Michigan uniform.


So now the competition Eli is playing is pretty solid, right?


Yeah, definitely getting tougher the deeper they go in the playoffs. District semi final on Monday.


The big man on the opponent’s team in that video is going to play for mid-major St. Joes next season.


Do you have a link to the bracket?




Here it is. Click on boys 5a





35 of his team’s 58 points. Sounds like he needed more help.



See you in June Eli! Bet he’ll be glad to be rid of high school double teams.


…or triple teams…

“Coach always tells me to get in the corner, have my feet set and knock the shot down,” Messersmith said. “They double teamed and triple teamed Eli, and that opened me up. He found me and I knocked it down.”

On fast breaks, they put three guys on me and try to take my points away,” Eli Brooks said. “It’s just about making the right basketball plays. They do a great job of not letting me score, so I find others.”



Those 44 points were ridiculous. First, Eli was so sick and nauseous, he was eating ice at every timeout and at halftime so he wouldn’t puke. Eli was double and triple teamed over half court. The team was athletically better at all the other positions, basically able to shut down everyone else. He front rimmed several 3’s and didn’t finish at least 3 layups that he normally would have made easily due to being weak. Probably would have been closer to 55 plus had he been healthy. He still managed to shake one player into falling down on a cross over, pull up shot. The player actually fouled him because he grabbed onto Eli as he fell backwards.


Check out @bad2theallibone’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/bad2theallibone/status/842885664924286978?s=09

Eli takes Spring Grove to the semi finals in state competition. Prior to this year, Spring Grove had never won a state game.

Eli now has 2408 career points with at least one more game in his high school career



I’m confused. Weren’t they eliminated a few weeks ago?


Apparently districts in Pennsylvania are played for seeding in the actual state playoffs.


After the regular season, they have county playoffs in which you play higher and lower population schools, then district playoffs which cover a larger area but are only the same size schools (spring Grove is 5a which is second highest ranking for school size), and based on how you finish, you qualify for states. The same applies as far as playing only 5a schools.