2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)



I’ll just agree with kenpom here lol. I think situational players go in for specific circumstances and the guys playing 5-7 minutes from those box scores are more “Let’s just throw them in for a bit” type guys.


7 in the ND game. We’re splitting hairs here. I don’t consider 5 minutes to be a rotation player. I can’t be bothered to draw this out any further.


Poole and Brooks.


I think the more important number is 3 or 4 guards in the rotation. The last two years Beilein has had the option of giving Irvin some run at the 2G, but that still means 4 guys are getting guard minutes. I guess he could go big next year with Robinson or Mathews at the 2G but that’s obviously not optimal and I don’t see that happening unless both Brooks and Poole really struggle.
I think it’s more likely we see Brooks backing up X and Poole coming in for MAAR.


We can agree to disagree here. Not really a big deal at all tbh to argue semantics.


I think the Livers point depends mostly on whether or not JB is comfortable with the combination of Matthews/Duncan playing 10ish minutes at the 4 (DJ will get his 30+ as long as he isn’t in foul trouble). It’s the same with Brooks’ PG minutes depends on if JB likes MAAR running the point, and Poole’s minutes depending on how much JB likes Matthews at the 2. The extent of MAAR, Matthews, and Duncan’s positional versatility will really determine how many minutes the freshman get (aside from simply outplaying an established returning player, obviously).


Couple highlights from tonight’s game


Digging his hoodie and love how well spoken he is… also enjoyed the highlights. Thanks for popping up with these


Here’s another great video from last night




Quick release. Nice handle. Versatile game. Excited to see him next season.


I went to his game tonight against New Oxford.
Stats: 21pts. 16 reb. 4 ast. 2 TO 1 blk. 0 PF. 1 dunk
Fg. 7/15 3 pt. 3-4 ft 4-4
I left the game with four minutes left.
New Oxford face guarded him the whole game and would double team him as soon as he got the ball. All of his shot were contested.


Finished with 7 assists and should have had another 4 assists,great passes missed point blank layups


Can’t wait to see what kind of role Eli plays at UM. Seems like JB is confident he will contribute in some fashion as a Frosh…I was surprised to read that. Love his game and love his character.


With only 3 other guards on the roster, he kind of has to contribute right away. I’m not sure how many minutes he’ll get but the opportunity is obviously there.


FWIW, Matthews is also listed as a guard on the official roster. Point taken though. With Irvin and Walton gone there are lots of minutes up for grabs.


We will need him to be in the rotation next year unless a grad transfer point comes along. X at the point and Brooks backup minutes. I know a lot of folks think MAAR can be the back up or offense initiator but I see that as problematic.


At first I wasn’t sure about the need of a pg in back to back classes, but now I am glad they moved on Brooks. I think they will need him to play some meaningful minutes next year. At least as much as what X is doing this year, if not more.


kid looks like Trey Burke 2.0… that’s something they’ll need next year, shooters… he has a nice stroke… excited to see him and X share the backcourt a little next year…