2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)



What’s happening here?


Are you being serious with these comments?


Dead serious. Brooks is a phenomenal shooter in a variety of different ways from multiple spots on the floor.


Out of left field and not said with great confidence; Brooks shot reminds me of Bernard King’s shot. I am not comparing them as players whatsoever, but Brooks’ shot brings back memories


I believe you. I’ve received multiple messages saying your mocking me because I said I liked him and thought he’d be good for us. Thanks for clarifying.


I didn’t (and still don’t) think mattd is mocking or trolling with these comments, but I must admit I’m not use to him being so effusive with his praise.

Defense is still an issue (or at least a question mark), right?


Just because I’m not adamant here all the time doesn’t necessarily reflect my praise level for commits in general.

Check my Twitter timeline when Livers played Detroit Western in December. If a player shows tremendous improvement, that is reflected in my thoughts. I call it how I see it, not afraid to change my stance or go against the grain.


Where do you stand now on Brooks versus Elliott?


You have to understand that this comes off a bit hyperbolic, after how high you were on Eastern/low on Brooks; and it just clashes with the overarching philosophies that you’ve brought to the board.


If you want shooting you take Brooks, if you want defense, finishing, upside you go Greg


When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Nothing else I can really say about it.


Well, at least I feel a lot better about that scholarship and the class as a whole now!


Would you rank Elliott higher than Brooks? (Serious question, not trying to give you a hard time or anything). How about rankings, Poole vs. Elliott?


It’s just so difficult to rank Brooks in relation to other guys because his comp level is poor in relation to Poole and Greg in both AAU and HS. I think the shooting off the dribble really translates at the next level. Just a tremendous shooter from all over the court off the catch and the bounce



Beilein is not 5’11. I stood next to him and shook his hand and I am a legit 5’11. He is likely around 6’1 or so. Anyway, people make too big a deal about height. I know, I used to feel the same way. (I think Dylan once posted we are all too focused on players’ heights). That’s how teams miss out on trey Burke and isiah Thomas.


I’ll say my piece about this and let you guys have at it. Either 1 of 3 things are going on are…some of you are simply exaggerating heights, have not been correctly measured, or are taking measurements with shoes and perhaps adding an inch or 2

I personally measured David DeJulius on October 9, where he measured in at exactly 6’ with shoes. David was also officially measured in at 5’11 at the Nike Elite 100 this summer. without shoes.

This is a picture of Dave with Beilein during a visit this fall. It’s clear that Dave is 1/2 inch to an inch taller than Beilein

Here is another pic of Dave and Beilein at a football game this fall, where Dave’s height clearly exceeds Beilein’s

Item #2

Here is a pic of Romeo Weems standing next to Beilein in August. Romeo was officially measured at 6’4 without shoes at the Nike Elite 100 this summer. That is certainly more than a 3 inch height gap between Weems and Beilein. The gap is at least 4 inches, and likely 6 inches.

So I’ll let you guys have at it on the height thing, all the measurements and side by sides point to John Beilein standing in at 5’11 without shoes, and 6’ with shoes. Don’t understand the inclination to fib on height, doesn’t make much sense to me.


I heard that Eli got hurt last night. Apparently he had to get carried off the court and could be out for a couple games.


That is fair MattD, I’m not here to make enemies. I appreciate the insight you bring to the table and you supported your argument with good evidence. I just wanted to defend JB and I hope that Eli’s career isn’t measured by his height.

I also don’t mean to derail this thread Dylan, so back to the topic of Eli. Do we know any more about his injury?


That’s horrible. Can’t stress enough how good of a kid he is based on my brief interaction with him. Prayers for Eli and his family on a speedy recovery