2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)



I do not know any details, I just heard from a friend who goes to his school and was at his game last night.


As far as I know, he was not hurt last night. I left with about 2min left in the 4th to head to work. He did have a minor ankle sprain in a game last week but that’s all and over with.


I don’t know how tall JB is. I do know that photographs are misleading with regard to height. I am not trying to be a contrarian when I say, to me, JB looks taller, not shorter than DeJulius, in the picture you offered.

If a photographer is on a knee or shorter than the subjects being photographed then height differences appear exaggerated…

The subjects relative distances to the camera matters…

The camera lens matters…

The background distance and angle to background horizontal lines also matter…


According to this article, Brooks was signing autographs and posing for pictures with young fans after the game, so he doesn’t seem to be injured too bad.


I think you nailed it. I have learned that you often can’t accurately tell heights from photographs due to the reasons that you pointed out.

Secondly, I agree that, to me, Beilein appears taller than Dave in that first photo (and Dave appears closer to the camera, which should make him appear taller).

People would need to be standing heel to heel or back to back to get a more accurate comparison and you would still have the hair issue to deal with.


He wasn’t hurt last night at all. He sprained his ankle in the last minute of the game Friday night. He played Saturday and last night. Didn’t miss any time. He’s fine.


Looking at the shoulders is an easier way to gauge relative height. In both pics, Belein’s shoulders are above Dave’s. Dave has bigger hair and is holding his head at a high angle that exaggerates his height.


Seriously guys: Why are we debating height through pictures again? Haven’t we already gone down this road, even with the same pictures?


Sorry Dylan, but we must vet any alternative facts.


Gametimepa.com is streaming tonight’s game at 730 pm.


Eli with 38, 18 boards and 7 assists beating the no1 team in the division


Damn. That’s a lot of boards for a guard.

Did he beat that team single handedly?


Not really. The other two kids on his team that are potential 10 to 15 points scores both did their jobs. He can’t beat that team by himself. They are too good. It was a team effort based on defense and rebounding especially


https://youtu.be/YPYIbeFQE4w. Full game replay. Quality sucks though…


I caught bits and pieces while I was working. They were down 7-14 and went on a 19-0 run that really set the tone. Brooks seemed like he had a “quiet” 38-18-7. I think he can do better on helpside defense, but I was surprised at how well he passed the ball.


Any ball handling of note?


Nothing new to note. He wasn’t the main ball handler a lot of times as they tried bringing him off a lot of screen action. He had some nice takes to the hoop though and if the other team pressured, basically he took over the ball handling.

The opponent started in a 2-3 zone and his passing was incredible to find openings.