2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)



I will try and get some footage for you guys and gals tonight at the game.


TMI’s Gene Hankerson posted an in-person scouting report on their board (for the game against Carlisle/the team that had Milington) :

"He dropped 26 points despite being double and triple teamed most of the night. Now, I know you’re thinking, “26 points isn’t that great… division one players should do that.” You have to understand that Eli plays on a bad team, I mean a bad team! Carlisle is the most athletic team Spring Grove has faced, featuring a three sport division-one recruit in DeShawn Millington. After seeing the future Wolverine get off to a hot start, Carlisle made the smart decision to full court press and trap at half court to force the ball out of his hands.

Eli Brooks has game. He’s highly skilled, has handles, and score at every level. He can cross you up, hit the step back three, or drive it in the paint. Brooks plays great defense as well, he had a couple impressive blocks tonight.

I walked away just really impressed, knowing that he could come in and start next season. He’s that good. He’s also very humble, and intelligent kid."


I had stayed away from this thread for a while. Decided to peek back in once the backlog in posts reached triple digits. Regretted my decision when I stepped right into the 1 foot vs. 2 foot debate. Glad to see things got better here.

Was afraid I would have to resume my drinking game where I’d take a drink every time Elliott was mentioned in the Brooks thread and Brooks was mentioned in the Elliott thread, but realized that my health could not handle expanding those rules to include an Austin Davis mention. So, no more drinking games with the forum.


Brooks’ ability to shoot off the bounce is really impressive, can’t say that enough.


OMGosh this thread is all over the place.

Love reading disagreements from years past knowing the truth prevailed!


Some Eli Brooks highlights from a few games this year. Warm up the hot takes.


Really impressive film there from Brooks. His ability to shoot from midrange and distance either off screens, the dribble, or the catch is exactly what this team needs.

Anybody thinking that Brooks isn’t worth a scholarship is just downright foolish in my view, the kid is so underrated it’s unreal.


That tip dunk is pretty impressive. Excited to get this kid in uniform. Wonder how his passing out of the pick n roll will turn out. Scoring doesn’t seem like it’ll be a problem like it is for Simpson.


Don’t think anything will be a problem for Brooks, he’s just an elite offensive player that is a good athlete.


Where you ranking this kid?


Stylistically I see an Eddie House type


I’d probably go 65ish at this point. If he were a bit taller probably 50 or so.


I just fail to see his creativity as a ball handler or verticality but his value as a shooter is evident. He attempted to change speeds a few times in the film and got stuck.


Think you’re really underestimating his handles, the change of speed moves were really nice in the film above.


What do people think about the elevation on his shot? I know his height has been a debated topic, but I think we are all on the same page that he isnt particularly tall.


Quick release negates the set shot to a large extent.


That’s some nice film. One thing I really like is his quick trigger and high catch point. He doesn’t dip and can fire right away.


What is your updated opinion regarding the decision to prioritize Brooks over Nojel Eastern?


No comparison, Brooks is just so far superior to Eastern with respect to shooting that it negates whatever advantage Nojel has elsewhere.


Okay, now I see what’s happening here…