2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


100% agree with all of this. Black and white no excuse.


Some courts don’t have much space between the bench and the court. But most of the arenas for the NCAAs have plenty of space. Really no excuse for coaches to be on the court


Oh look, another ACC team struggling. Weird.

(I thought they’d do well in the tournament as a whole though)


No volume on the tv where I’m at but sure seems like the refs are jobbing st Mary’s pretty bad.


This is pretty bad by Virginia. 28 points with 8 to go? Cmon now


Wait do referee crews do two games in a row in these second round matchups? Just realized that that both gonzaga-nw and st Mary’s-Arizona were in Salt Lake City and both had some really awful calls.


Not the be all end all, but don’t we pay our assistants better then those schools pay their top guys. Maybe banking some money for a couple years will help us keep bd.


I actually think Matt painter is a good coach and a great X and o coach but he has almost zero feel for game momentum(matchups)/substitution patterns.


Congrats to Purdue on that W. That’s what really good teams do, withstand the run and bounce back. Heck of a job winning that game with Iowa St’s great run to ultimately take a short lead.

Big Ten looking good. Hope there’s three teams in the Sweet Sixteen by 2:30 tomorrow :wink:


Glad I took Wisconsin and Purdue in almost every rendition of my bracket. My faith in the big ten has me rolling. Here’s to hoping Wisconsin has one more in them. I got them losing elite eight to duke.

It wasn’t blind faith either. It was clear to me Wisconsin was a top 16 team. More like top ten tent wise. They had just been playing poorly. Purdue as well. I hope we can stay hot.

The way state played the other night has me feeling good about them but Kansas is a bit too much. I got Kansas in a close one.


Really interested to see how this game is officiated today. Louisville’s chances diminish greatly if they’re not allowed to physically bump and grind you all over the court with impunity. Go Blue!!


I think we’re gonna see another good day of games. Some more top seeds will go down today.

Michigan v Louisville - Hopefully a result for the good guys
Wichita St v Kentucky - Still not sure how WSU ended up a 10 seed. Going to be a good game.
Michigan St v Kansas - How MSU played against Miami has got to have Kansas fans nervous. Plus the revenge factor from early in the season. Izzo is 21-5 in the second game of an NCAA weekend (2nd round; Elite Eight; Title game). Bill Self is 14-12.
Arkansas v UNC - don’t see much hope for Arkansas in this one.
Rhode Island v Oregon - I think this has been an underdiscussed matchup. Nobody knows much about either team with Rhode Island being Rhode Island and Oregon being on the West Coast
USC v Baylor - I had SMU beating Baylor so I don’t have much faith in the Bears.
South Carolina v Duke - Always hope Duke loses.
Cincinnati v UCLA - Bruins should walk away with this one IMO


Wichita Kentucky going to the wire


Wow fox with a sick dunk in the half court and shamet drains a huge three over him at the other end. First 37 minutes of this game were terrible. Last couple have been awesome


Wichita doesn’t get a shot to the rim last two possessions.


Are we sure this is Kansas-msu in the ncaa tournament and not a random Tuesday night swac game. Incredibly sloppy half


Looks like Self doesn’t have a whole lot of control of what his guys run. I heard they haven’t played good defense for most of the year, but this is worse than I would’ve thought.


The benefit of few Round1 upsets is more Top25 caliber match-ups in Round2


Kansas does not look overpowering. Surprised that they don’t take it to the hoop more often. They seem content to shoot 3s.


Yeah. Almost no bad matchups.

Wichita St-Kentucky

Those are all matchups between teams that should be in the top 20 or were at some point this season. Crazy they ended up being second round matchups.