2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


Wish those basketball factory prep/high schools didn’t exist. Jackson vs Bridges today could be part 2 or 3 of a major high school rivalry. Though I’m sure they faced off in AAU plenty of times.


It’s just the math of the tournament. Presuming no upsets, the 2nd Round features the 32 best teams in the country ---- mathematically speaking that means 9 of the 16 games should feature two Top25 teams :grinning:


Except that none of the four games were between two top 25 teams according to seeding in the tournament. It’s worked out with who has won games, but the seeding has been so messed up in this tournament.


Kansas is gonna end up choking. They can’t make the play that really puts it out of reach and now it’s a one point game. If it stays close down the stretch, no way Kansas wins because Bill Self teams choke.


Looking at Self’s career, He has won at least a share of the conference regular season title in 17 of the last 19 seasons going all the way back to win he was at Tulsa. The only two seasons he didn’t win the conference were his last year at Illinois and first year at Kansas. That is pretty unbelievable.


Gotta give state some credit, they are playing very good defense in this tournament. If only they didn’t self impose penalty kills by playing their marginal guys 10-20 mins a game, they’d be very dangerous. Can’t imagine the outrage here if beilein decided to play Donnal, Simpson, teske, Watson that many minutes every game.


I don’t understand how they can win all those conference championships and always choke in the tournament. I never bet on Kansas winning the big games.


The consecutive titles is partially because the Big 12 hasn’t had another elite team most seasons. Duke or UNC would probably have a similar streak if they were in that conference.

But coaching postseason is different than regular season I have to imagine. One you get one shot. It only takes one game. Roy Williams has only got two titles and he’s been an elite coach for almost 30 years.


Nice tech. Wtf???


REfs making too big of an impact again. One possession halved the deficit because of a crappy call.


I definitely feel for them, Missing Schilling and now Harris. Goins basically has to play, because he is the backup and because Ward fouls a lot and doesn’t have great endurance. But I have no idea why Nairn plays as much as he does. And Ahrens and the other walk ons should never see the floor.


Terrible call. I understood the one against dj Wilson earlier this year bc he was basically yelling in the guy’s face. That one the Kansas guy was ten feet away from the msu player. And it wasn’t over the top


Yep. Only thing I can think of is what he said crossed the line. But he said like two words and you know players are talking shit all game.


DJ’s was definitely worse.


If you didn’t know, josh Jackson is pretty good at basketball


Well that escalated quickly.


Key to the game:

Izzo didn’t come out far enough on the court to help defend, impede, take away space,distract 3 point shooters, distract the ref, on the left side of the court, in the first half.


Would love to see a S16 without any ACC teams.


I have no idea how Arkansas is winning this game


No sympathy for Sparty from me. They showed none when we had so many injuries the last two years…