2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


True. They didn’t look good enough to make the NIT. Even in the early going when MSU was shooting themselves in the foot, Miami couldn’t capitalize.


On Wisconsin.
Wisconsin wasn’t an 8 seed to me. It’s almost as if Wisconsin was punished for making championship game of Big Ten tourney.


Looks like the reality of northwestern being a terrible offensive team is finally catching up with them. 12 points at the under 4 timeout.


WHOLE lot of time left, but if FSU loses this game, especially by double digits, cue up the ACC is overrated talk.


Oof mcintosh bricked a contested layup that would have the lead to nine. Somehow northwestern still in this game


And when Louisville goes down tomorrow :wink:


Haha yep, love it!


Unreal. Gonzaga absolutely imploding. Dribbling it off their own feet, missing free throws, taking terrible shots and playing zero defense


Heck of comeback and fight by NW to get back into this


Terrible tech by Collins. Had gotten away with a lot of arguing but can’t do that at this point in the game


Collins really hurt his team there. They had all the momentum til that tech.

Bad miss by the refs, but he magnified the effect.


Terrible call but yeah can’t do that at this point in the game. College refs though, awful


Not sure northwestern has another push in them. But it’s been an impressive effort


Mcintosh with a night to forget. Not all his fault as the whole team sucked in the first half, but northwestern isn’t beating anyone with him playing like that.


Announcers singing Gonzaga’s praises…I just didn’t see it for a good portion of this game.


Collins absolutely cant take that tech, but NW deserves an apology and some national coverage on the missed basket interference. That was atrocious and totally flipped the momentum


Really bad call. Collins exacerbated the call though with flying onto the court like that. That gets a tech on every level of basketball.


Gonzaga played like crap in the second half.


Unless Tom Izzo is the one doing it :wink:


I don’t understand why officials ever let coaches on the floor. Definitely one of my biggest “get off my lawn” things with basketball. But Sean Miller is four feet out on the floor jumping up and down yelling at his player to defend in the post meanwhile he nearly trips a st Mary’s player. Should be an auto tech as soon as a coach steps one foot inbounds. There is absolutely no reason for coaches to ever be within the lines.