2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


Wisconsin is looking better than Nova.


Notre Dame looked great in the ACC tournament, which gave me a ton of confidence in them (losing to Zona in the elite 8). But they looked awful and not super enthused, during the Princeton and WVU games. I also had SMU in my elite 8 :cold_sweat:


I had SMU and ND in the Sweet 16. Thought it was a toss up between ND/WVU, but I’m shocked SMU lost in the first round. To USC of all teams as well. They were one of the Sweet 16 picks I was most confident about.

But single elimination makes for some crazy results.


Weird to watch Wiscy get jobbed by the refs and not even get to feel happy about it.


The guards at nova love to push off.


Definitely been screwed on a couple big calls.


Showalter wondering what he has to do to get a foul called. Got stepped on on a three attempt. Got bowled over on a layup he made and should have been an and-1. Then got hit in the face on a rebound.


Refs are doing a horrible job, for sure.


Win or lose this game, this Nova team is not a team I would pick to make it to the final 4. Elite 8. Sweet sixteen looks like a stretch.


I thought Wisconsin would lose big today. Is Nova having an off day?


Two errors on that play by Wisconsin. Kooning picked up his dribble and Hayes with the dumb foul.


It feels like Wisconsin is outplaying then in all facets except for FT shooting. Wisconsin got great looks all day. It has been difficult because the whistle has been tough on Wisconsin.

Happ and Koenig were on the bench in foul trouble good portions of the game.


Wow. Great for the big ten. Still don’t like Wisconsin.


I think they’re having an off day. But this Wisconsin team is not an average 8 seed. They’re a team that was in pretty much everybody’s top 15-20 preseason rankings. Had a few missteps in conference play, but they got underseeded by the committee IMO.


What if the big ten knocked off three one seeds lol


Agree with Wisconsin being under seeded, same as UM and OSU. Seems to be a lot of that going around.

So, the Big Ten is 6-2 right now. What a weak conference.


So Wiscy an 8 and Minny a 5…If only MSU would’ve lost, just to really stick it to the committee. Nova must be pissedddddd


Thought the conference would get swept today. Wisconsin’s win guaranteed we had a good showing today even if the other two lose.


On the flip side Miami looked like garbage.


I didnt watch the game. The funny thing about MSU’s seeding is that I think they are/can be better than their record: they played a brutal non-conference and there is something to be said about the learning curve for freshman, on such a freshman-reliant team. BUT, they did nothing to earn that seeding. It was Izzo and history that got it for them, and that has no place in a business where hundreds of teams work their butts’ off to play well and win games, to earn a spot and a rightful seed. I just hate that MSU’s crutch seed was ‘validated,’ on an ethical level.