2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


Gonzaga really melted down at the end there. Don’t understand how you go to two straight isos with the guy who just hurt his ankle and could barely run.


I’m so glad this game is over.


Does Gonzaga get to feel worse and more pissed at the refs than our NC loss?

Nothing worse than losing the game, then add on top a horrible ref performance. That’s going to sting for a long while.


That was unbearable


Not that I dislike UNC, but the bad guys get away with it again. Poor Zags, I was really rooting for them.


I don’t think gonzaga has a huge gripe. The refs made terrible calls both ways. I think neutral fans have the biggest gripe.


I actually thought they made more bad calls uncs way. Either way refs were disgusting


I keep seeing people on twitter showing a picture of Meeks’ hand out of bounds. I mean sure, I guess we can ignore the fact that his arm got karate chopped from behind to even drop the ball. Or we can discuss the “blocked” shot that the UNC player didn’t touch. It’s amazing what some people do to try and discredit a win.


I meant against unc by the way.


Always tough to win when you lose the TO battle 14-4. Gonzaga didn’t value the ball at the start of the second half…ugly stretch that hurt them.


It was bad, both in terms of play and officiating.

Not happy with the outcome - is UNC going to be punished for the academic fraud?


That’s the question. When will this title be vacated and how will Gonzaga feel afterwards? Can’t imagine being a runner up in a National Title Game against a school that was later found to have done something improper that might have to vacate their title. Nope. Can’t imagine that at all.


If strippers and cocaine wont get a title revoked–which I suppose is yet to be seen–it sure seems unlikely that phantom classes will. But, man, it would be nice to see some justice; especially since Michigan paid its dues, and now must be one of the cleanest power programs in the country.


lol, Louisville uses drugs, parties, and prostitutes to attract their recruits and gets a one year post season ban with no past games vacated, including games where those players were still there, and you honestly expect the NCAA to vacate the title of UNC’s clean teams?


jinx…you owe me some cocaine


I’ll spot you some fake classes instead.


The only thing I expect the NCAA to do is the exact opposite of what it should do.


Well if they do take action it better be after I graduate…


I don’t know the specifics about whether this particular UNC team is guilty, but the NCAA has levy some punishment - whether it’s vacating some past games or a future ban. Academic fraud cuts to the heart of the NCAA’s mission. I don’t know how it could rationalize it away.


I highly suggest you read the twitter timeline of @WalterByerz ‏over the past several months. (And yes, that name is a parody/pseudonym, not an imitation. He doesn’t use his real name because he’s close to the investigation).