2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


Which one lol? Although Jefferson just got a bogus foul call on him on what would have been a turnover and maybe two points the other way


Right. I guess it’s just possible that the refs are bad. But Duke seems to be getting a more favorable whistle.


How does Jefferson not get T’d up? Twice.


My gosh South Carolina. You have this game won if you’d just get out of your own way.


Is that Webb with all the attention to detail talk?


Can anyone shoot 3’s against South Carolina? I remember us going 2-26 down there.

Duke is so feast or famine. They seem to alternate Final Fours with early eliminations.


That left side of the bracket is so wide open.

South Carolina
West Virginia

Arizona is the only one that wouldn’t shock me if they made the title game.


Had to laugh about Webber lecturing South Carolina about staying out of the corners when that’s exactly where he dribbled to in '93.


He is really forcing a sort of “wise-man” persona.


I’ve been pretty impressed with Jarron Cumberland. He’s built like a linebacker. He’s not exceedingly athletic, but he can bully his way into the lane. He’s a decent shooter, as well. He would have been a good pickup.


Crispin just said on BTN “no offense MSU fans but Wagner is the big ten’s version of Draymond Green, power, enthusiasm, and a great skill set.”



Awful comparison.


Heard that too. I’m not exactly in the most clear state of mind right now, but I thought it was Jess settles not crispin. Either way it was very odd. As was shon Morris talking about rahks turnover margin when asked what he was most intrigued by in the sweet 16 matchups.


My bad. Settles.

Weird comparison though.

I missed the comment about MAAR’s turnover rate. Haha. What a bizarre thing to focus on.

Maybe all the guys covering the tournament are just exhausted at this point?


Brooks seems like a good assignment for Irvin. But then that would leave Wilson versus an even more perimeter based guard? Interesting to see how Beilein & Staff decide to match up.

Or if Michigan just pounds the high-low post option and forces Oregon to play 2 bigs to defend Wilson/Wagner?


They don’t have the personnel to guard our two bigs. Their best big man(Boucher) is out for the rest of the season. Big question is, if we can win the glass, do we stick with our bigs? Like I said about the first two games, this is another good matchup for us. They have one solid big man(Bell) now and Wagner matches up quite well with him. Now whether D.J. Can guard brooks will determine how we play. We have size on them at 4/5 positions and the one spot we don’t, Walton will be matched up with a freshman(Pritchard). They basically play 5 guys like we do but we have more options being able to play D.J. at center. Their bench is pretty weak and I fully expect us to win this game, playing Wagner 30 minutes or playing him 10.


Not sure but I think they were in a 2-3 zone against RI. Maybe I’m wrong…missed most of the game.


LOL, Izzo with the hard hedge would help their defense immensely!


I knew South Carolina had it in them. Duke was overrated and soft all year. To bad I took them final 4 a lot cause I felt their part of the bracket was least threatening. After I saw South Carolina’s second half against Marquette, I just was like wow this team is built to beat duke. I got Wisconsin and Michigan In the elite eight. Let’s hope it happens.


So long UCLA. If Ball’s NBA career doesn’t work out, he’s got a nice fallback career as a Matador. He’s already used to it with his ole defense.