2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


I’ve seen a lot of guys pick up their dribble for no reason today.


Gonna be an interesting finish between Arkansas-UNC. Razorbacks have no business against this team and yet its close. SEC with a much better showing this tourney than I expected. Hope South Carolina continues the trend.


Be shocked if Arkansas didn’t find a way to lose this


Who does that guy think he is, Derrick Walton?


This Arkansas half court offense is something


I’ve only watched the last 3 minutes, so I’m really wondering how on earth this team scored 65 points today.


Uh how is that unc ball?


Refs can’t even get it right on a review.

Then on the following UNC possession, they get away with a charge. Awful.


And how is that not a charge or a travel. Dude took four steps and barreled thru a defender.


Don’t you have to call something there? Way too much contact for a no-call.


Maybe five steps on that play. What were the refs doing?


Trying so hard not to screw up the game and thus screwing up the game.


Make up call at other end. Just don’t understand basketball refs. Make calls where they can’t even see the play and don’t make calls right in front of their face


NCAA must really want UNC to win this one…two awful call/no-calls against Arkansas.


I turned on this game when it was 65-60 Arkansas. I’m still trying to figure out how UA was ever possibly ahead - they showed absolutely nothing in the time I was watching.


And UNC tries to foul in that last 10 seconds and they still didn’t call anything. God, what a crappy job by the officials.


They can only score in full court chaos situations. Anything in the half court is just a prayer


I can’t imagine being a college basketball coach. Between the dirty recruiting that is rampant, the inability to have any continuity in your program bc of the one and done rule, and the absolute joke that is the officiating at the college level; I don’t know how they don’t all go mad.

I guess all of Tom izzo’s temper tantrums make more sense.


Yeah, and because of that, I really can’t blame Collins for his tech. Those refs were horrible all game but how do you miss a goaltending where the defenders hand is through the rim (including the net!). That would have cut it to 3 with momentum. The ball was there, the action was there, wasn’t ANYONE watching the play? The guy deserves a break - he’s working with Northwestern. Not the easiest to turn around when you can’t recruit anyone and everyone.


Oregon losing at half. Would be nice to catch a break in terms of opponent and get Rhode Island, but they have some good players too. And I’m sure EC Matthews would love to have a big game against Michigan.