2017 - G - Jordan Poole (Commit)



What was the T for???


The Findlay player was going in for a layup off of a turnover and Jordan came in behind him and made a really athletic move to block it, but clearly fouled him with the off arm and the Findlay player had a pretty rough landing. Then Jordan kind of went over to him to make sure to let him know about it and another Findlay player pushed him out of the way, then got Jordan with the retaliation T.


I have no idea why he’s not in the game here late. He was their most composed player against the press and is obviously their best shooter.


Did he play in the 2nd half at all after the T? I remember watching LaLu a few times earlier in the year and Coleman-Lands played over him a bunch…made no sense to me


Yes, he’s been playing. Has 4 fouls which is why he’s not in. Might be in after this timeout.


Poole with one of the worst plays I have ever seen a high rated player make. Wow.

Was bailed out by Findlay prep missing both free throws.


wow, bailed out. I don’t watch a lot of HS Bball, but 14-35 at the line is rough


What an ugly ugly game. I don’t think either team looked like they are particularly well coached.


the other thing i’d say for Poole is that he completely bailed Bowen out in the corner and pushed through the pressure. Then he just got reckless. Will definitely have to reel him in a bit.


For sure he did. I love his confidence, it just needs to be harnessed a bit. Tomorrow is a big game. No question this kid will do big things for us.


what did he do?? Sorry for all the questions I couldn’t watch and am very curious lol


Up by 1 with about 10 seconds left, he dribbles up the court and threw the ball away and as the guy who stole it was going the court he fouls him to give him 2 free throws and to foul out of the game. The guy he fouled missed both and LaLu won by 2.


I actually missed how LaLu blew that lead, but down towards the end Findlay cut it to 1, and LaLu was inbounding. Bowen got trapped in the corner really awkwardly. Pool was even more buried in the corner (behind Bowen) but took the ball and pushed through 2-3 guys to get across the timeline. Then Poole tried a really telegraphed cross-court pass which was intercepted, went back on defense and fouled the guy pushing the ball up for Findlay (who then proceeded to miss two FTs).

For completeness… then LaLu got fouled, some little dude hit 1-2, Findlay had a chance to tie or win and didn’t get a shot off in time. A bit sloppy all around


Probably a good example why Freshman don’t see the floor under JB! Discipline and honor thy BB…turnovers are not acceptable.


fully agreed. I can see him in catch-shoot situations mainly once he proves he can not be a liability on D. Seems to have the makeup, just needs mature a bit and calm down.

I can see a lot of…


With as little time as was left at the end, it seems like he should have just held the ball. (Do they have a 5 second call in High School bb? I have no idea.)

I would think on that team, Jordan Poole is who you’d want to have at the free throw line at the end of a game.


I saw the game as well and was actually encouraged. Poole was a little more athletic than I expected just from looking at the video. He made some mistakes, but in general, it was an intense, but rough and sloppy game overall by all participants. I think he’ll be fine.


I can see a Stu Douglass type freshman season with a bit more production.


I feel like he’ll be more like Nik. Range for days.


I think he’s a lot closer to Nik than he is Stu but I highly doubt he is close to either. I don’t understand the stu comparisons at all though. Kid is a flashy plus passer with unlimited range and can shoot off the dribble. And he probably won’t be half the defender stu was